after 48 years, the nation’s finally seeing an Olympic medal again!

kudos to the lady paddlers!! anyways, although they represent Singapore, and are doing the country proud, they are still of other origins. HMM. i wonder if there will be a day where a true-blue Singaporean can do us proud like that. but as a matter of fact, it’s really very hard. local kids nowadays can’t take hardships at all. that’s probably why we can never train a sportsperson as well as those in other countries. you think the Sports School is useful? hah, don’t bother. so yea, in conclusion, we still have to depend on foreign talents.. ironic eh?

rights, i didn’t watch the match actually. was in the council room the whole evening with fellow MnPians working on the 3D alphabets. and i can tell you, it’s really really tough. we worked 2 hours on an alphabet, (achieving nothing) before we gave up and went on to the other. pretty irresponsible i know, but at least, the choice got us some productive results! heh. worked until the security guard chased us out and went for supper a late dinner with bernie, zhaoting, teddy & althea. i swear they really make people go “ha ha ha”. (: