movienation last night! reached like duper early thus i think we rotted like an hour or two before the movie even started. the movie was great but OUR seats were DAMN BAD. *grumbles* but anyways, i think the movie will be much more perfect if only it was in 3D! too bad somehow the screens in Singapore don’t support. ):

with gabriel. eh dude, i want the photo i took with maybelin! hahah. see the bad point of having no cameras? recently, i’ve to wait for everyone to upload the photos before i can blog. ):

rights, was chatting with my “childhood friend” for pretty long…

but of course my babe is still the most important; us with dave & batman!

the damn sweet couple! photographer of the day!

posing for the poster. hahaha..

last but not least, a group photo of us! okays, i know i look so damn off in this picture. and that’s exactly how we sat in the theatre! don’t you just feel sad for me? going to a movie sitting in between two pairs of couples. i really should have brought my soft toy. hahaha…

had a short meeting with the MnPians after class today; were supposed to plan for our upcoming gathering at the end of the month. i think on our list, other than drinking games, it’s STILL drinking games. let’s just hope tsehwee doesn’t drink too much ok? hahaha.. leeched a ride home from jackson after that and i slept all the way till dinner time. been sleeping so much lately but it just kinda makes me more tired.

tiredness causes my memory to fail me too. i spent 15 minutes searching for my phone this evening to realised that i’ve just put it to charge in the living room like an hour ago. sigh, getting old.. on a random note, i really need to get a new keychain! the previous one from somebody is so chui-ed now that it can’t even be used anymore.. ):