went for a KTV session at Halo Bar after class yesterday with a couple of the council peeps. can you imagine? after 3 years in Ngee Ann, i’ve never been to that place which is right at one corner of the school. and after a month in SIM, i am there! *laughs*

rotted for an hour or so in the canteen as our lecture ended pretty early. managed to convince and get my babe to go too despite the fact that she doesn’t sing (and she really DIDN’T at all). but i’m pretty sure she didn’t regret the choice, right althea? ((:

the fateful game which is most probably the cause of the spoiler in the session towards the end. it was the first thing the guys touched as soon as we reached the KTV lounge. but sigh, let’s not talk about unhappy stuffs…

with leo, keith, and derek. and before i forget, thanks althea babe for the photos! she’s quite fast also ah.. uploaded and tagged on facebook by 2am.

anyways, at some point of time, you will wonder if singing emo songs is council culture.. because our vice pressie loves emo songs! hahaha.. and yup! that’s him, trying to get into the emo mood for the emo song.. but well, one thing you can be sure of….

^ THIS is council culture. *laughs*

a couple of them went out to play pool after that. i chose this shot because althea captioned it as “they said this photo was nice!”. kind of gives me a feeling of Aviary KTV at Chevrons. of course, environment-wise, Chevrons is much better.. but the karaoke system is actually the same. (:

back in the room, the ones not hogging the microphones started playing games. for starters, the finger guessing one. see the skinny guy over there? yes that one in the jacket.. he is a big bully! LOL

rights, then they started playing the uber noisy ‘shen jing ming’ ‘you mao bing’ game. kinda distract the people singing but it’s fun to look at. anyways, this is one game you never will want to play with teddy. hahaha..

i played with you teck and he’s damn funny lah. cos we both are quite slow actually but i won’t deny, i’m the slower one. that’s a shot of him waiting for me to get ready while i was busy…. what was i busy doing? talking to althea or listening to keith singing? CAN’T REMEMBER lah! *laughs out loud*

started playing with the big bully jin hao after that. started off with scissors-paper-stone which i was on winning streak at the beginning. probably kids’ games just don’t suit him. i kept losing after that though. cos somehow, i think i am pretty predictable. OH WELL..

and he made photo-taking with me look like a chore! ):

keith is so much better! (:

then a couple of group photos across the rooms; this is my room!

the next room.

the next next room. okays, actually many of the faces are repeated. reason being, we go all over the rooms to mingle around and hear others sing. but i think the funniest is gary, matthew and gang. they went all over the rooms singing all the duper high + retro songs and they make it sound like they are going to 跑歌台. videos taken so be patient while althea uploads them! hahaha..

and i didn’t know babe was so hardworking to actually take photos of almost everyone singing. but no hor, being photographer for the day didn’t quite compensate well for you NOT singing! *frowns* in any case, i had fun! and last but not least, thanks charles for the ride home! ((: