just press rewind.

been ages since i last wore jeans! *laughs* and yea, of course, not to mention COVERED shoes. when was the last time i wore those? hmm….. 5 months ago during orientation i guess? anyways, did i mention my dressing is always at its worst when i go to work? heh. because i don’t think shorts are appropriate, so i have to wear those old school jeans i’d never wear to school. then, to put the free roma’s perfume – the cheesy smell – on my shopping clothes, i always choose the plainest polo tees i can find.

of food. i had a damn full lunch and these are part of it. yea, i know they don’t look appetizing but trust me, they tasted good. haha. some are specialties from China by chen ling jie; she always makes special food, to break the routine of us having italian food every single day. kudos to her! ((:

and this, is my current favourite now. yea, i never used to like tea. i think the only tea i rmb liking to drink is teh tarik! heh, but this forest fruits tea does taste good as well! but, i think it smells even better.. which is what attracted me to try in the first place.

and back to the habit of reading books while traveling. i just can’t stand having nothing to do, unless i’ve a seat to fall asleep. well, wished i had a portable dvd player or some great gaming device. then i probably wouldn’t have those boring black alphabets in front of my eyes. but rights, books are still pretty great to spend time on. but i just don’t have the habit of reading them when i’m at home because i’d rather spend time with my laptop. *grins*

as always.