don’t act smart.

rights, finally got my lazy ass back to work. nah, i didn’t find a job. i merely threw myself back to the old job. well, at least a place i’m still pretty familiar with although i stopped for… a year? *laughs* but i’m glad boss is kind enough to take me back. teehee. but as usual, working there means a need to watch my weight. well, i guess my friends will know how good we, employees, are treated there. despite having lunch before i headed down, boss prepared this for my lunch! *slurps*

and i found a cute count down thing below the counter. yup, if you can read, they are counting down to their getaway trip to genting! unfortunately it crashes with my TW trip, so yea, can’t go. ): alright, actually i don’t really know how to read this countdown thingy because it’s counting down to jimmy’s enlistment as well. *laughs*

and yup, that is a picture of the old business card i found online. the address and contact number is right there! you can call to make reservations if you’re coming in a big group! heh. okay, i’m not doing advertising for the cafe, seriously. ((:

look at the number of trophies! except my ONLY trophy – 3rd for T-shirt design in NP (circled in red), and one of daddy’s 1st runner-up for table tennis, ALL the others are his bowling trophies! mostly champions, mind you. *gasps* yea, but after packing, he decided to throw away a couple of them. what a pity…

rights, that brings me to my point of the unpaid work.. daddy took 2 days leave to accompany mommy! but it wasn’t for dates. haha. they had plans to repaint the entire house. started with a room yesterday but i excused myself and went to work. but TODAY, since i was staying home, i HAD to help out.. so yea, helped to move the furniture and pack the stuffs. then we painted my room and the two living rooms. almost died but i dozed off as and when i had the opportunity to. heh.

gonna go work again tmr. at least, i know i’m not going to rot at home. on a side note, i think the saying of something like “bad things always come and happen together” is so true. firstly, my phone is dying on me, and still is. can’t bear to send it for repair still. *sighs* then, my laptop is down with some bloody virus and i can’t log onto MSN. on this same day, one of sister’s baby terrapins just kicked the bucket. *sighs* and i always i thought that they are long-lived. just had it buried in a box in the soil downstairs. hopefully it can rest in peace….

simply on impulse.