throw away.

had a rather random gathering at jerms’s place, amelia was there too but she couldn’t do a stayover so yup, there was only 5 of us left at the end of the day. anyways, had a great western dinner, thanks to jerms’s mom. we then slacked ard the cosy place and wii-ed the night away.

had a little talk with them which we’d never do in the past. it’s quite true what mike says about this group of friends should be the ones we can confide in the most. but well, guess we haven’t reached THAT level yet huh? still, it’s nice to have people to share things with, whether you’d agree with them about any topics at the end of it all. ((:


emo-ing with little kaley’s toys? *laughs*

had a nice instant noodle from taiwan as supper. *grins*

and they had this. yes, you didn’t read wrongly, THEY had it. trust me or not, i didn’t have even a single drop of it. *beams proudly* it was just a little promise to myself; a month without alcohol. hopefully it can be longer but i know it’s hard to me since it’s not the first time i’m doing this resolution. but oh well, maybe determination will help?

still concentrating hard. was it a game of pool?

i think this is the dumb game in Wii play. hahah. but i liked the horse racing one ALOT. because that’s the only game that i can win majority of the matches. *laughs* i remembered i used to be the “wii boxing queen” but it seems like i can’t even win a single match now. ):

with mike, who drank alot ALOT.

jimmy and his CONCENTRATED look. hahaha.

there, from sitting down, to standing up, to squatting down to.. LYING down. there’s a video of him playing the starwars game. and there, i think you can see how gone he was. i’m glad i didn’t drink, really.. oh yes, we played bridge too! first time teaching people from the scratch and thankfully, hsuan and jimmy are both very fast learners.

stayed up till sunrise and before we knew it, it was already like 6am? i spent an hour with rainie on her latest production, Miss No Good, before we headed out for breakfast. and that is jerms’s duper big screen. i think it’s crazily gigantic and i think my laptop screen is not even HALF the size lah. it makes a great workstation though. but still, i doubt i’d invest in that even if i have too much money to spare. *laughs*

anyways, talking about the show, i think rainie really spoilt her entire image but it’s quite a good catch for the hilarious parts if you don’t hate her. and i wanted to share this portion of the show because i think the NG part is really funny. start watching from about 1:40? ((:

not courageous enough.