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Channel X


recently just completed another Taiwan drama series – Channel X《国民英雄》. AGAIN, the theme songs are by 倪安东! heh. they have a few from Hebe as well as Olivia Ong; no reasons not to love the show huh? but i guess the main catch of the show (for me) was still JOE CHENG! heh. kinda took notice of & had this little 花痴 crush on him from It Started With A Kiss《恶作剧之吻》because back then, his role, hairstyle, personality and all just have to remind me of someone.. whatever the case, he’s pretty cute lah! ((:

for you, one last time..

Secrets for sale


finished the show just a couple of days ago and i’m glad i managed to find the series on tudou because xin.msn only has the latest few episodes left on the server. here’s one of the quotes i really like:


– 周家琦

local production.

You’re beautiful

chu wa eh.

taking a break from moonlighting on my precious off Saturday and weekend Sunday, finally got to replenish my sleep a little. but well, i actually bummed at home for 2 days, almost transforming into a 宅女 since i had no where to go. randomly, i recalled this show ah ben asked me to watch and so i did..



a compass is not enough.

finally got my photoshop to work again after clearing a couple of files from my C: drive but at the expense of my iTouch library.. anyways, been back from Taiwan for nearly a week now. however, other than working on Saturday and youth group on Sunday, the only other day i stepped out of house was Friday, to school, for whatever reasons you can think of.. i just have nothing better to do i guess. or hmm.. the best reason i could think of is to distribute the box of taiyangbing i bought for the people. (:

the day out of house.


don’t spoil me.

chen ling jie is finally back from China. and yups, with a new look. i feel like having curls too. but i’m still waiting for my hair to grow. i wonder if the F.A.S.T shampoo the market is selling works. maybe i’ll try it and let you know. heh. went for a jog after work around my neighbourhood but sadly, i don’t seem to have the stamina for longer distances. need to train up..

sinful eating & a day home.

Results day II

expected but still disappointing.

save me the pitiful look, i guess everyone had a hard time this semester. well, i know i should be satisfied that i managed to clear all the modules but still, i’m so not happy with the results. because this means i need 2 HDs and 2 DIs next semester to get a Degree with Distinction which is so bloody impossible. oh well. i thought SQ paper was really easy, can’t understand why i only got a CR when the two projects making up 50% is already a HD! and all other projects are at least a DI, it’s just annoying. rar! anyhow, this is final already. better luck next semester i guess… (:

of a free Wednesday..


another load down!

wrapped up our marcom project so much earlier than expected. was already planning to rush it like overnight but wow, we got it all done by 9.30pm! ended the day with a photobooth session. heh. i so love my groupies! just one more project and mugging period shall commence. but before that, i can’t wait for next week to arrive to give myself a little official break.

unofficial break.

Of random

“all will be perfect, if you can accept imperfection.”

“the doctor with a soul” show is finally back on channel U. have been waiting for this sequel for quite some time because i really liked the first. and well, i don’t know why but there are no advanced viewing on mobTV. hence, the TV (like so rare) shall keep me occupied from 10 to 11pm every week night from now on. (:

research gone wrong?


lovely december.

last two episodes of Miss No Good was quite a tear-jerker. the ending was pretty lame though. hmm. but then again, the whole series has been that lame. not a recommendation for people who cannot stand rainie, especially not with the idiotic voice she’s using in the entire show. haha. anyways, my favourite parts of the series are the NG scenes at the end of each episode. they really make me laugh..

random surfs.

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