“all will be perfect, if you can accept imperfection.”

“the doctor with a soul” show is finally back on channel U. have been waiting for this sequel for quite some time because i really liked the first. and well, i don’t know why but there are no advanced viewing on mobTV. hence, the TV (like so rare) shall keep me occupied from 10 to 11pm every week night from now on. (:

anyways, was doing some research for marcom project last night and i thought of sharing this picture that i found quite hilarious. nothing indecent okay, i WAS searching on that because of the project.

taken from felix ker’s blog. (:

PS: we actually chose love-box (yes, the condom brand) as our product (thus, the research) but because Singapore is such a conservative country, we decided to switch product as the marketing plan would be quite a challenge. nevertheless, the researching process was pretty fun and knowledgable.. hahaha. on that issue, though, i’m glad we managed to change the product because my entire firefox was filled with tabs on condoms last night. like such a wrong sight if daddy were to walk pass me, which, i’m sure, he’s going to start questioning and suspecting something’s gone wrong. yes, i have a VERY conservative family as well..

when class gets boring and toh wants to fall asleep, we had some art lessons. the original picture on the bottle ain’t that obvious but our drawings didn’t differ much. mine’s on the left and hers on the right. heh. nice rights..

spent a couple of hours after class discussing and, i can now proudly say, we’ve more or less settled our choices for the marcom and service quality projects, LIKE FINALLY. i mean, we were supposed to have like started on the reports yet we’ve just taken our FIRST step – deciding on the product and service. HMM.

cabbed home with isabel and cheryl and i couldn’t stop laughing at myself when i reached home realising that i’ve been holding my ezlink card throughout the entire trip. yea, maybe next time we can pay cab fares with that, huh? *laughs out loud*

on a side note, i’m so happy that i managed to find and download a program which allows me to play the Gossip Girl files i just transfered to my phone! thank you cheryl for the videos! hopefully, just hopefully, the battery on my omnia will be strong enough to last me through at least a day with the show accompanying me on my MRT rides. (:

lucky somehow.