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toilet bowl.

can’t believe the dashboard actually feels a little foreign and that i’m losing motivation to blog. well, there are still tons of photos awaiting to be up but before i can squeeze time to do that (i think i might need one FULL free day), here’s some updates of random pictures and my recent doings. btw, that’s how school looks like, again, at about 7am, with night mode and no lights. looks bright but it was really scarily empty. hahah.

past weeks and consecutive work days.

Down SM

you lied, and i pretended.

notice anything weird about this photo? i still find it super cute, the way rene photoshopped it. and that is my lovely SM group mates. erm yes, STRATEGIC MARKETING in full. *laughs* anyways, haven’t had time to do a proper update. pictures are ready, just no time for the words. been a LONG while man. and i’m pretty amazed that i can actually survive without blogging and appearing online on MSN. guess projects really changed me. i’m so self-disciplined eh? (like real) well well, finally one more project down. just finished the last round of editing for the report and i refuse to re-read it again. still, one more to go, the very LAST project of my life in SIM! i so cannot wait but right now, guess i should just get myself some sleep before the long battle tmr. i feel quite zombified now. alrights, don’t miss me people, i’ll be back REALLY SOON! LOVES! (:

PS: i didn’t disappear from the world, no way will i do that from this cyberworld which i’m totally obsessed with. if you noticed, i’m still pretty active on twitter and facebook. heh.
recovering from wounds.

Time managment?

missed calls.

if anyone sees me carry these books, they would most probably think i’m some crazy person who has totally no control over my own time. but whatever the case, they helped me a little in completing my assignment and YES! i’ve finally completed the stupidshitass report! 12 hours of rushing yesterday and another 10 minutes of crapping just now. shall not touch it anymore.

on a side note, facebook, already being PART OF MY LIFE, is really pissing me off. i’m sure loads of people has the same problem of not being able to comment or do anything much because it’s lagging like hell. it’s really irritating because it disrupts my life somehow. suddenly feel so lost. and i felt so handicapped today because i left my phone at home and i was out for like a good 11 hours? well well, so no photos on my phone, can’t get any from facebook as well so… till then, won’t have much to update about i guess. ):

my condolenses.

Smell of freedom

temporarily, though.

i’m so glad i survived till this day! finally, the long-awaited day where i can breathe properly has arrived. it also marks the end of dragging a gigantic bag to school so i can put my laptop, adapter and whatever needed for projects. and yes, the above is our prettily outlined JOURNAL report. didn’t really follow the lecturer’s guideline, just hope we’re still on the right track. (:

overdue pictures.


can’t seem to fathom.

butter fingers event was great. didn’t participate but somehow or rather, was part of the publicity team so i’m still interested to know of its updates. walked past a couple of times in the midst of projects and our dear vani was great! she endured till the end, proving that she was so much stronger than the guys. but unfortunately, she only came in 2nd. sighs, there goes the 42″ TV.. but i thought they should at least reward her something better instead of a sweet? ):

on a side note, matching my time with the car is pretty tedious, waking up at 5.45am and reaching school before 7am. zzz. but still, i like the feeling of not having to wait for bus. i think i think.. i’ll do it again tmr. heh. anyways, rushed the ethics project the entire day, at least now we’re seeing some light. go girls, we shall conquer the report soon! now, time to retire for the night. i. am. so. exhausted. ciaos.



i smile at these.

i always like new pens everytime exams are near; buying pens just makes me happy. 3 new colours to my favourite brand of pens collection! *beams* anyways, ethics deadline is so near but reading the articles just makes me zzz. sighs. three more days to chiong! i shall try to wake up early and drive myself to school tmr and avoid evening waiting times. heh. on a side note, my legs are so hot now! just dipped them into an awesome invention called uSqueeze warm. satisfying. (:

ps: i’m hooked to theme hospital again.

open and close.


another load down!

wrapped up our marcom project so much earlier than expected. was already planning to rush it like overnight but wow, we got it all done by 9.30pm! ended the day with a photobooth session. heh. i so love my groupies! just one more project and mugging period shall commence. but before that, i can’t wait for next week to arrive to give myself a little official break.

unofficial break.


part of a happy pill.

spent the entire morning with groupies at BPP’s Wang cafe to do some photoshoots for our marcom project. sounds like a big thing yea? but since pictures are kinda hard to find online, we decided to take them ourselves. thanks to the big D200 hero and rene, the heroine who looked like she was going backpacking today, we had quite a lot of fun before we headed back to school to continue with the report.

happily tired.



caught the movie with babe yesterday and it’s good! throughout the show, i was trying to recall what the story is all about but i kinda failed at that although i’ve read the book before. met up with the clique after that for part II of zz’s celebration. just needed to pass him the present and hopefully, he likes it. had quite a bit of photos taken but they are all with babe so yups, shall get it from her tmr?

anyways, finally got a little started with ethics project but i can’t believe i’m still empty for marcom’s creative strategy. 5 more days, i don’t know how lucky we can get this time. sighs. and my laptop’s getting crankier by day. it erases all my preferences, more errors are popping up and programs not working smoothly. i. almost. went. crazy. today. ):

on a side note, people always say 女人是善变的动物 (women are fickle-minded creatures); but what about guys? aren’t they ficke-minded too? sometimes, i want to figure what they think but trying too hard gets tiring. at times like that, i just need a break…

raise the white flag.

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