toilet bowl.

can’t believe the dashboard actually feels a little foreign and that i’m losing motivation to blog. well, there are still tons of photos awaiting to be up but before i can squeeze time to do that (i think i might need one FULL free day), here’s some updates of random pictures and my recent doings. btw, that’s how school looks like, again, at about 7am, with night mode and no lights. looks bright but it was really scarily empty. hahah.

one of the reason i drove to school last month was to set up the FTSC booth for the student week. that was part of what we did up, not really amazing compared to other CCA clubs but considering that it was such a last minute thing, i think it was good enough. (:

had our own set of fun or just call it entertainment. i was teaching kerk and wilson to draw crayon shin chan. wonder if i’m a bad teacher or they are bad students but hmm… i don’t draw it perfectly as well so i shall not complain. wahahah.

my masterpiece looking good on vincent. hahah

another random day i drove to school was for projects. i actually cannot really rmb when it was already but i know that period of chionging the two Ms (SM and GM) projects was really hectic. so much for loving to compile reports but well, that’s like the last two projects of my entire uni life already so yups, just got it over and done with. anyways, for 3 semesters i’ve been doing it, no matter how tough, i still think it’s worth it because that’s where i learn the most. (:

and on another random evening, daddy drove us down to St Luke’s to visit god-grandma. it made me tear a little when i saw her blurred look and almost not recognising her very good buddy (my granny). then the two old ladies started chit chatting and i find that scene really warm. “sisters” for dozens of years, i hope when i grow old, i’ll still have friends like that.. (:

and just last night, after work, i brought my new shoes for a virgin run around the neighbourhood again. although only for a short distance and a short period, it just feels great to sweat it out! always feeling smelly and bakey after work each time but surprisingly, that smell is gone after the jog. maybe i should take a jog everytime after work.. hmmm..

talking about work, i’ve been working consecutively for three days from Sunday till Tuesday, ever since my hell days of projects ended on Saturday. being inactive for a month, i didn’t realise so much has been happening. chen ling jie abandoned us, somehow, and went back to China. boss’s mum passed away and he had to be busy attending to the wake. auntie linda fell sick but still hanging on to work so yups, i decided i should be useful too, help out and earn some buckeroos at the same time. (:

but sigh, have been quite a liability when i had to reach there an hour earlier than the usual time to help out, probably because of the lack of sleep. i burnt the bread on Monday (see above), left them toasting in the oven till it cauught fire. thankfully auntie linda saw it early enough but till now, the chao-ta stench in the oven is still there. *guilty* then i spilled the veggies with loads of water in the kitchen on Tuesday and we had a hard time trying to soak up the water and dry the floor. well well well.

and on all THREE days, i ate like superb a lot, almost like i’ve been starved for weeks or months. i almost lost track of how many meals i had in a day. i reckon i gained at least 2kgs from the excessive eating. i just feel hungry easily somehow MAYBE because of all the aroma at 3rd home. so glad i’m not gonna work for the rest of the week.

just a summary of what i put into my mouth and sent to my stomach to digest today: 5 buns for breakfast, a whole big plate of porridge, a plate of spaghetti, few slices of herbs bread, three-quarter bowl of baked pasta, another three-quarter to half a bowl of baked rice, a packet of milo powder, few slices of the large pizza, some baked shitake mushrooms, many many scoops of creamy mushroom soups throughout the day, another plate of spaghetti and half a pack of potato chips. and yup, today is supposed to be the least i ate for the three days because it was quite busy. oh my goddess.

and the CD rack i talked about couple of weeks or month ago is quite done up. i labelled all the slots today since i had nothing to do and the photo area on our Roma’s wall should be filled up soon. the girls have been taking so many photos, shouldn’t be hard. (:

now now now. this seems like a really long entry. but i realised there are still at least 5 more separate POSTDATED ones to come. bash, internal gathering, the Ev*lution clique’s couple’s birthday, g’s birthday, babe’s birthday and whatsnot. hopefully i can up everything by this week because there’s no way i’m going to skip all of them and i really don’t wanna drag it any longer, if not, i might just leave my blog rotting for good. oh and btw, i’m not moving to tumblr, i’m just having another alternative blogging site. rather, i treat it more like a longer format of twitter. and i’m quite having fun. random updates and all but i actually feel more motivated to “blog” there. *laughs* but nah, i won’t abandon my blog here because…. I PAID FOR IT! heh.

to clear the shits.