you lied, and i pretended.

notice anything weird about this photo? i still find it super cute, the way rene photoshopped it. and that is my lovely SM group mates. erm yes, STRATEGIC MARKETING in full. *laughs* anyways, haven’t had time to do a proper update. pictures are ready, just no time for the words. been a LONG while man. and i’m pretty amazed that i can actually survive without blogging and appearing online on MSN. guess projects really changed me. i’m so self-disciplined eh? (like real) well well, finally one more project down. just finished the last round of editing for the report and i refuse to re-read it again. still, one more to go, the very LAST project of my life in SIM! i so cannot wait but right now, guess i should just get myself some sleep before the long battle tmr. i feel quite zombified now. alrights, don’t miss me people, i’ll be back REALLY SOON! LOVES! (:

PS: i didn’t disappear from the world, no way will i do that from this cyberworld which i’m totally obsessed with. if you noticed, i’m still pretty active on twitter and facebook. heh.
recovering from wounds.