staring at my laptop screen like that, i suddenly feel so lost. like i’ve no idea what i should do. not even giving it a thought to mug because i already said i’d only start next week. can’t find a motivation to start typing with the photos i prepared for the postdated entries because they seemed too far back. photoshop is down and i can’t let my creative juices run wild (not like i have any to start with). seems like my laptop’s going to be down really soon too but there’s nothing i can do to prevent it. and that ugly truth is haunting me again except that this time, i’m in search of it myself rather than hearing from another person. i hate how the process of seeking the truth is but it’s just pretty addictive you can’t stop digging. and lastly, i’m torn between updating my wordpress and my tumblr. both sides seems equally emo now. OH WELL. i so wanna say this: FML.