and the bash this year was held at Zirca. compared to Zouk last year, i actually felt that we have a newer and much prettier location this year although many would disagree. but well, i guess the most important thing is still the program itself even if the crowd wasn’t as awesome. things went well and it was wrapped up successfully anyways. kudos to all who was involved and contributed, in one way or another, in this annual event of SIM-RMIT FTSC! (:

and that was the theme for 2009. half the time, more than half of us didn’t quite get what this theme was all about. probably the main reason for the many screwups as well. but somehow or rather, things had to be done, and it was.. one good thing was the team (active members) was brought closer as we worked intensively together and i heart them. sounds so gayish i know but i mean it. oh and that (the picture above) is me and my co-I/C for logistics hanging up the pretty banner kira sprayed in the club. sad to say, though, that the banner is now….. MIA. ):

earlier in the club, our dear event coordinator mr huang gave us a thorough briefing of the timeline that we had to follow through for the evening.

with vanessa mok, one of the pageant contestants, also an MnP freshie, before the bash while i was securing the voting boards onto the railings. talking about the boards, idk how good the idea was overrall but at least, it lasted the entire night, and i’m glad it did! heh.

halfway through the bash, during some free dance time, went to look for couz for a photo. hopefully next year, we get to attend the bash together again! (:

the program went on pretty well at the front, i think. was stuck at the backstage for most of the time but i kept sneaking out to the front to catch the crowd as well as the happenings on stage. but well, “job” at the back wasn’t stressful at all until voting ended and we had to consolidate them.

i swear the time was so short and we were a little panicky trying to get the votes out ASAP for the emcees to announce. heard they did a pretty good job in dragging the time and relieved our stress a little.

and finally, the results.. congrats to vanessa faith and murali for winning the Queen and King titles for SIM-RMIT 2009. it was a quite well-deserve win. and murali even won himself another title of Mr Photogenic. how great!

isabelle, the pretty lady whom i fully “utilized” during the whole bash programme. she was my model, beer girl, prize holder, and well, basically just everything that involved presentation on stage. thankyou isabelle! (:

kerkie, strong and buddy. finally a picture of the AFTER-event. and they are the people i wanna thank the most, for everything related or not related to bash. ((:

babe! i think this is the only photo we had that night?

with ting dearie. LOVES.

my co-I/C, helmi! i would have died without his presence.

flora rara~ another big contributor to everything everything. my all the “we are in this shit together” and no “thankyous” or “sorrys” partner. *grins*

other MnP lovelies, kira and kaiwei.

department head cao and deputy vani, missing canni. ):

OG freshies, jackson and xiao qiang.

my forever nutella nightmare, edmond!

the strong and the gay. oops, i meant RONALD! heh.

the BFG who caused my drunkness.

the awesome VP, teddyhopeixi.

last view of the banner hanging on top before it was took down by buddy and thrown to some random tables at Rebel and was never seen again. R.I.P!

last but not least, the very reason why i lost soberness and experience temporary memory loss that night. so much for enjoyment after weeks of hardship… i heard we were totally gone even before 1am. thankfully, nobody threw me on the streets to die by myself. *laughs* a different experience indeed.

great bash still, i’d say. (: