my dinner bento set from Yummy Green @ E!Hub. oh anyways, had our MnP internal gathering on the Friday night after bash week. Friday because there wasn’t another available chalet on other days. attendance wasn’t very positive but it was still pretty good, as usual. just that, for a freshie thing like that, it’s quite sad to only have 2 freshies turning up. bad timing i suppose?

crowd at dinner.

during games. from top left, clockwise, team 1, team 2, team 3 and the planning team. kudos to them for the great “don’t forget the lyrics” game. although i felt that it was far too long, taking up the whole night, a little too draggy, taking away all the time for other games, it was really good. (:

winda hosting the game and the participants being quite enthu.

but some of the songs really demoralised me like totally because they were such easy songs that i’ve been listening to but the lyrics just don’t come to me. other times, some songs are just completely out of my league. OH WELL..

and yea, the two losing teams (out of the three), had to do forfeits. some disgusting peanut butter thingy but i’m really glad it wasn’t as nightmare-ly as the nutella in initiation a sem ago. hahaha.

with my pretty babe. (:

and then as usual, as expected, as never excluded, the drinking games commenced. the games went pretty crazy, especially the vulgarities rule in the kings’ cup. and then the teddy game really made us down alcohol like mad. but well, that is MnP for you…