can’t seem to fathom.

butter fingers event was great. didn’t participate but somehow or rather, was part of the publicity team so i’m still interested to know of its updates. walked past a couple of times in the midst of projects and our dear vani was great! she endured till the end, proving that she was so much stronger than the guys. but unfortunately, she only came in 2nd. sighs, there goes the 42″ TV.. but i thought they should at least reward her something better instead of a sweet? ):

on a side note, matching my time with the car is pretty tedious, waking up at 5.45am and reaching school before 7am. zzz. but still, i like the feeling of not having to wait for bus. i think i think.. i’ll do it again tmr. heh. anyways, rushed the ethics project the entire day, at least now we’re seeing some light. go girls, we shall conquer the report soon! now, time to retire for the night. i. am. so. exhausted. ciaos.