temporarily, though.

i’m so glad i survived till this day! finally, the long-awaited day where i can breathe properly has arrived. it also marks the end of dragging a gigantic bag to school so i can put my laptop, adapter and whatever needed for projects. and yes, the above is our prettily outlined JOURNAL report. didn’t really follow the lecturer’s guideline, just hope we’re still on the right track. (:

was uploading all the photos rene sent me onto facebook and wow, i realised we had quite a number of photobooth sessions this time round again. i definitely enjoyed the company of the girls, be it the 6 of us for marcom and SQ, or just 3 of us for ethics. but i must say, i really really missed babe when it was just the 3! HAHAH. please don’t seperate us again next sem can?

after completion of marcom project on April’s fool. can’t stop laughing at the kuku center-parting picture; rmb doing it once with rin and cassandra in the airport back during attachment times. hahah.

the following day, working on the not-even-half-done ethics project after submission of the marcom project. was back to school on Saturday and planned to, as well, on Sunday. but plans changed to rene’s instead so that a stayover will be easier..

the tools rene used to try to get us all fat. oh btw, i think that her place is really like a hotel. and what’s more, the service is damn good too. LOL. got those slippers you see in hotels and even those disposable toothbrush set. next time, maybe i should just go empty handed if i wanna stay over. hehs.

i think this picture looks damn cute; like pistol proposing to rene. hahaha. but the actual fact is, rene is bullying him! make him do loads of things before he can be granted a small snack. catch the video on facebook! (: and and and, i swear pistol ate some growing beans! from the last time i saw him, i don’t rmb him behing THIS big. such a giant! but i’m glad i’m not so afraid of him anymore. just that sometimes i might still silent scream a little when he comes too near.. hahaha.

last but not least, another photobooth session when we completed ethics! well, actually we only officially completed the entire thing at 12pm but who cares? it’s all over now! but hmm, suddenly i feel so directionless. exams are around the corner but i just want to have a little rest before i get started on mugging. right now, there is only tom365 and theme hospital in my mind. *grins*

on a side note, sis just got herself a new laptop! i’m amazed at how she was so keen on getting a PINK one, contemplating between SONY and Fujitsu initally but now, she actually settled for a white Toshiba. hahah. but, the free gifts that comes with it are like so awesome! apart from the various upgrades and necessary accessories like mouse, there is even a 250gb hard drive and a camcorder! i’ve only got a 160gb hard drive myself and a super retro 60gb old laptop while hers is like 320gb already. plus, it’s so much cheaper than the price i got mine at, although it was 4 years ago. i think technology is improving at such a scary speed that i wonder if there are still laptops that are only 60gb like mine. *pouts* i’m so jealous right now. i wanna get a macbook. ):

on a side note, after having the account for so long, i’ve finally started twittering! just thought it will be quite cool to have something like a facebook status thingy on my blog; at least i don’t have to post a new entry when i just have a short little something to say. check out the first item on the sidebar! and oh, i think i needa give my blog a new look soon. paying USD$15 every year having it looking the same is pretty stupid, don’t you agree? heh.

9th April 2009. (: