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The switch

and finally…

i’ve to admit i got a little hooked to hwz forums for the past few weeks. but also thanks to the “bros” over there, i got my new phone and did the switch at no cost. (even made profit, hehe) also thanks to the telcos for always being out of stock that i had more time to think through my decisions. i’m an official happy android user now. oh, i switched telcos too. from the green to the orange, not sure if it’s a good choice but at least i’m gonna have 24-hour free calls to boyf in future. *laughs

anyway, if you’d like to know, i bought my S3 LTE from Adix82 and sold my iPhoneS to ICMI Mobile. both shops located near Bugis and they are all very helpful and friendly.. (:

still too gossipy.

Of impulse

new toy!

so as expected, i laid my hands on this beauty.. i can almost be sure it was impulse purchase but i still did it anyway. took a few pretty photos with it but i’m not sure if i’m surprised i got bored of it that soon. i must say it’s still a great piece with the different effects though. i probably was just looking for something much smaller…

this must be the reason..

Lomo fix needed

digital lomo is love.

this was one of my favourite birthday presents from the councilors on my 21st. been bringing it around with me for a few overseas trip but the next thing i know, it’s gone already. well, not physically gone but i’ve no idea why it just wouldn’t start up. wasn’t too sad until i was recently reminded of the lomo stuffs again… now i’m shortlisting two digi lomo cameras and damn, i’m so tempted to lay my hands on both of them!

temptations temptations…


gadgets mad.

we had a very high-tech DAZ meet up today. jul wasn’t able to make it and we made use of Facetime! it is damn awesome, on both MacBook and iPhone4. you really should try it out! oh and did i mention my MBP now has a name? well, for the records, i’m not trying to act cute; just like to name my things. anyway, it’s called Kooby! why? simply put, the name originated from the spelt-backwards “Book” plus a y. *smiles* and and and.. am loving it more each day, even don’t mind carrying the heavily-weighed 2kg giant around.

fallen in love..

New love


hello people, have you met my new love yet? *grins* finally finally, whether on impulse or not, i’ve gotten my big-time-long-time WANT. well, had to empty my bonus (from working for almost a year, yes, that’s how pathetic!) on this little gadget alone just like that though. but at least i feel contented. for now, that is.. what more can i ask for right? these days, i just feel like spending money makes me happy.. no more saving for rainy days, it seems? heh.

let us stay this way..


as much as i always wanted an iPhone and was ready to get one the day my 24-months contract ended 2 weeks back, i was actually forced to make a decision last night to switch. well, was initially told i’ve to wait like 2-3 weeks for the stock but it came yesterday! and if i didn’t take it up, the phone will be given to the next reservation on the list. so yup, i took it up. can’t believe i actually wanted to tear when wiping all the data in my blackberry. 8 months and i’m already quite emotionally attached to my dear berry. guess i’ll just need to find a better owner for it now?

and amazingly, i actually ain’t excited bout my new phone like how i’d always be. i feel more of troubled now. troubled at what “tasks” i should split between my iPhone and my iPod touch. somehow, i feel the redundancy for the touch. HMM…

Total red


this is such an overdue picture to blog about because it was taken before mikey 头 left for his training in Japan but he’s already coming back like… tmr? *laughs* still, i like this photo. we all looked so in unison although i have to admit we were forced into hooking our hands tgt by the act-drunk man. i think would be better if amelia and jerms changed place though. then, there would be a pattern. anyhows, incomplete but that’s my lovely Ev*lution. (:

of work and more work..



what does 3-boys-and-a-girl spell? hahaha, of cos, it’s L4D! out with the guys for supper on Saturday night and we went for L4D2 since there was only the 4 of us. well, interesting thing is so many ppl are playing MW2 now and it seems like we are the only few ones still shooting zombies. nevertheless, i had fun cos it’s been way too long since the last time i stepped into a LAN shop! was it like a couple of months ago WHEN i lost my IC after the game? *laughs*

weekends & my new toy!

Battle of the fruits

daily dosage.

oh, did i mention that the new desktop is finally here? well, i thought we only had to purchase the CPU cos we had every other thing but i realised the keyboard, mouse and speakers come together. so yup, changed the whole set except for the old monitor. was good though. i think Windows 7 interface is really cool and i’m so going to love it. now the computer just lack the most important thing – Photoshop. i honestly feel so handicap without it!! but in any case, welcome desktop and goodbye laptop. well, not yet but soon i guess? any ideas if i can sell it for some moolahs or trade it in for a netbook? hahaha

clash of the titans!

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