gadgets mad.

we had a very high-tech DAZ meet up today. jul wasn’t able to make it and we made use of Facetime! it is damn awesome, on both MacBook and iPhone4. you really should try it out! oh and did i mention my MBP now has a name? well, for the records, i’m not trying to act cute; just like to name my things. anyway, it’s called Kooby! why? simply put, the name originated from the spelt-backwards “Book” plus a y. *smiles* and and and.. am loving it more each day, even don’t mind carrying the heavily-weighed 2kg giant around.

many might think i’m crazy for falling back into my virtual world and all.. but, guess that’s just me. like i always say, these gadgets to me are like LV or Gucci to other typical girls. and i have to say, having all these new stuffs in my life lately acts as a very good distraction. from whatever it is.. like a honeymoon period with my new gadgets. and in a way, i’d say, these are good money spent. somehow, funny as it might sound, i seem to have bought myself happiness. hahah.

7 weeks.