daily dosage.

oh, did i mention that the new desktop is finally here? well, i thought we only had to purchase the CPU cos we had every other thing but i realised the keyboard, mouse and speakers come together. so yup, changed the whole set except for the old monitor. was good though. i think Windows 7 interface is really cool and i’m so going to love it. now the computer just lack the most important thing – Photoshop. i honestly feel so handicap without it!! but in any case, welcome desktop and goodbye laptop. well, not yet but soon i guess? any ideas if i can sell it for some moolahs or trade it in for a netbook? hahaha

clash of the titans? battle of the fruits! hahaha. oh well. been thinking over whether to get an Apple or a Blackberry to take over my beloved Omnia. haven’t come to a conclusion still. was thinking i’d make the decision in December when my plan ends and by then, iPhone 4G should be out. but ytd daddy was just telling me mommy’s contract has ended and i’m so tempted to use hers to get myself a BB! any suggestions anyone? HMM….. btw, i already own a iTouch if you didn’t know. and it’s a present, i don’t think i should sell it, right? hahah.

and speaking of the clash of the titans.. it’s not using the words without meaning. just to mention that, i finally caught the movie on Wednesday night! i think reviews are pretty subjective, as always.. cos i thought the show was pretty good although i think the killing of Medusa part was so much more exciting than the supposed-to-be 重头戏 part. but well. i had friends who actually think the whole film was lousy. so yup, it’s up to you to decide i guess! i’d say it’s still worth a catch! not too sure about the 3D version though, i’m not a great fan of 3D films anyway.. (: