what does 3-boys-and-a-girl spell? hahaha, of cos, it’s L4D! out with the guys for supper on Saturday night and we went for L4D2 since there was only the 4 of us. well, interesting thing is so many ppl are playing MW2 now and it seems like we are the only few ones still shooting zombies. nevertheless, i had fun cos it’s been way too long since the last time i stepped into a LAN shop! was it like a couple of months ago WHEN i lost my IC after the game? *laughs*

the instructions i had to shoot so we could follow it easier. but well, didn’t help much since the system there was so cui! hurhur. we wasted like a good half an hour to 45 minutes trying to get into a campaign which the staff claimed that is NOT possible. but we did! thanks to tayobe, so rare but he was the smartass of the night. lols. ah chu led us for most of the maps but he always die because it seems like we always shoot him instead of the zombies. one more map to completion but damn system lagged all 4 of us out. roar.

Sunday morning spent with the kids as usual. i spend more time with my touch actually. well, i don’t deny. anyways, the paper boat was from one of the girls. guess she was too bored she spend half a minute folding that and gave it to me. haha.

oh, did i mention sissy is down with chicken pox? zzz.. learnt about it from her twitter when i was out at yinmei’s and was so tempted to stay away from home & just hide myself at her place. sighs. it’s just not the right time and i don’t wanna get infected at all! but well, seems like i don’t really have much of a choice but to accept it. so now, it’s all up to my body, immunity system and all. we shall see in 2 – 3 weeks if i’m going to get a long long break. *laughs*

and say hello to my newest toy! i spent a good whole day exploring and familiarising myself with it. just hope that the 1gb data plan would be enough because i really don’t look forward to a bill shock! hahah. and i’m enjoying the BBM with my girls, like of cos, the ones on my wallpaper. so love it! heh. oh, just don’t remind me on how much i spent. i’m looking forward to get half or a quarter back when i sell my dear omnia. and also, hopefully this can keep me away from the temptation of an iPhone! i really had a hard time deciding. thanks to all who “participated” in my decision-making process though! every comment helped. (:

no more could-have-beens.