06 April 2010

in a period of, i think, less than a week, we got ourselves prepared for our very own Games Day. i think it’s the 4th one after 3 held last year. nevertheless, it was my first! having to present read the script for like a good 20 minutes in front at the back of a whole load of people was a challenge. well, people who knows me should know how much i detest presentations. well, a good experience though! (:

my marketing team with the two pretty models. i like the one on the right, her smiles were really sweet! rights. we had two sessions for this games day, one for the retailers and one for the media. was kept busy the whole day with that. one amazing thing was babe actually came for the media session with the DJ who was invited as my colleague’s media. really nice to see her although they didn’t stay for our presentation. it’s like a funny why i only thought of taking photos with her only after she left..

and my only “media” was the Temasek Polytechnic students. i initially wanted to hide away back into the office but i figured it’s only polite for me to talk to them because i was the one who invited them here. glad i still ain’t TOO OLD and off-age from them and we still can get a few common topics. it was really nice chatting with them and it totally made my day! one of them sent me the link of the write-up on their gaming blog and they mentioned me! how sweet. not like they’ll see this but thanks alot! i’ll hope to see you guys again on the next games day. (: