new toy!

so as expected, i laid my hands on this beauty.. i can almost be sure it was impulse purchase but i still did it anyway. took a few pretty photos with it but i’m not sure if i’m surprised i got bored of it that soon. i must say it’s still a great piece with the different effects though. i probably was just looking for something much smaller…

yes this must be the reason why my interest died out so fast. this beautiful Gizmon Digital Half-D is tiny and it has like 10 instead of just 7 color effects, looking even better than Coco (the name of my new toy)..

i actually am looking to sell away my 3-days old Coco just to fund for this beauty. guess the only thing that the half-D can’t beat the VX5 is it’s megapixel. then again, ain’t lomo all about alternative, noisy pictures? maybe maybe.. i really should have just stick with my iPhone.

shall keep and try to love my new toy for now but IF there’s anyone interested in taking over the ownership, i’ll be more than happy to let it go at a price much lower than the retail of 189.90$. email me @! (:

such a sinner.