digital lomo is love.

this was one of my favourite birthday presents from the councilors on my 21st. been bringing it around with me for a few overseas trip but the next thing i know, it’s gone already. well, not physically gone but i’ve no idea why it just wouldn’t start up. wasn’t too sad until i was recently reminded of the lomo stuffs again… now i’m shortlisting two digi lomo cameras and damn, i’m so tempted to lay my hands on both of them!


this cutie is small in size, almost like my Digital Buchineko (DB) and it’s green! think the best part is that it has the double exposure feature which was one of the reasons why i wanted to get a Holga previously. i think it can easily be disguised as a keychain without much efforts but i’m withholding the impulse purchase because the following beauty is calling out to me as well!

VX5 by JOCO People

this beauty has like 7 built-in color effects which is so freaking awesome! and it has 12.0 mega pixel which is almost as good as the point-and-shoot i’m holding (and not using) right now. well, the drawback is that it’s not exactly the mini type of lomo cam i can easily bring around, which is why i’m having my reserves. but i must say the features and everything else really got me so tempted to just click the “BUY” button on the sites. i probably will check it out in the physical shops before making my decision.

anyhow, i think my persistence to get whatever i want (and can manage-ably afford) is really one of my weakest point. many times, these wants are not even close to being a need. for instance, i can easily satisfy these lomo stuff with the hundreds of iPhone apps available on AppStore with my iPhone but i just can’t stop thinking about getting these cameras until i get it. same case as when i owned my DB. which is why i always bring it overseas just so i’ll make full use of it.

i’ve been trying to convince myself every moment that i really love it and i’ll definitely bring it around and i’ll have a use for it once i get it but i’m not too sure how true that’s going to be. take my Casper (iPad 2) as another example. i couldn’t sleep properly for days (or weeks) cos i was thinking of getting my hands on it till the day i place my order on Apple Store and then receiving it physically. held it like a treasure for a week or two and now? it’s comfortably lying on my living room desk. but well, knowing myself… i think probably in the next few days, i might blog about owning one of the above. that’s if, someone is able to change my mind……

hurhur. and at this very moment…