i’m learning to drink green tea; as much as i still dislike the taste of the normal chilled one, i think the tea bag one was still pretty alright. i’m going to make it my choice of drink whenever i go to work, just thought all the sugary drinks are too unhealthy. back to work today was good. ate a lot, as usual. got my pay. a pathethic sum but still, my hard-earned money. gotta plan my schedule for the month, toggle between mugging and working. hopefully time can be managed well. (:

was flipping through the copy of straits time a customer left behind and this ad caught my attention. just thought it was pretty cool, the concept of the medical personnel looking like they are in a delivery situation. supposed to be illustrating “the birth of a great idea”. very creative! (:

anyways, i was just blog hopping around and read about a pair of sisters who kinda had problems and started shooting each other on their blogs. it’s pretty sad to see such things happening because i think, if there is one friend you need that will stay with you forever, it’ll be your sibiling.. anyways, my point is, i’m glad my sis and i are getting along very well. although she gets irritating at times when she asks too many questions and stuff, i still love her. sometimes, i just feel like whacking all the shitty people who enters and spoils her life. i mean, she’s such a great lady, a fantastic sister, and i can be very sure that she makes a really awesome girlfriend. maybe some people just needs to stop assuming; if you don’t agree with what i’ve just said, you just don’t know her enough. and on that issue, i’ve been telling her and everyone around that.. she deserves so much better! seriously, SO MUCH BETTER. *laughs* and yes, i love my sis. (:

on a side note, vinod’s pm last night made me go L.O.L.

oh, and the passing on of 阿桑 was a really shocking news. how fragile is life.. hope she can rest in peace..

don’t judge a book by its cover; so true..