missed calls.

if anyone sees me carry these books, they would most probably think i’m some crazy person who has totally no control over my own time. but whatever the case, they helped me a little in completing my assignment and YES! i’ve finally completed the stupidshitass report! 12 hours of rushing yesterday and another 10 minutes of crapping just now. shall not touch it anymore.

on a side note, facebook, already being PART OF MY LIFE, is really pissing me off. i’m sure loads of people has the same problem of not being able to comment or do anything much because it’s lagging like hell. it’s really irritating because it disrupts my life somehow. suddenly feel so lost. and i felt so handicapped today because i left my phone at home and i was out for like a good 11 hours? well well, so no photos on my phone, can’t get any from facebook as well so… till then, won’t have much to update about i guess. ):

my condolenses.