and so, finally a super post-dated entry on the initiation that happened about 5 days ago. totally hearts the same photo frame with a different photo of our big council family. it’s my 3rd and probably the last collection. well, unless i’m going to crash the initiation again next sem which i’ve no idea if i would. hahaha. anyways, credits to guofeng and babe for the photos under the cut. (:

and yups, finally we have the initiation done in the WEST! jerlene drove us down to West Coast Park after class to meet up with the rest of the people. been ages since i went WCP during daytime so i was pretty amazed at how beautiful the place was. a lot of people were flying kites over there and it made the sky looked really pretty. i  wonder how it’s like because because, i’ve never flew one before…

and that, is my group for the day. had a long day under the hot sun, running around the park competing with the other 5 groups and at the end of the day, there was a tie between 3 groups!

hence, we had the hula-hoop thingy as a tie breaker to compete for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position. i must say i was really quite nervous because i didn’t want history from last sem (forfeits) to repeat again..

but luckily, my group was so fast, we won and came in 2nd overall. *grins* $60 capitaland vouchers!! first time winning something for initiation and i think my group should really find a day to go out and spend our prize away!

and yay, 2nd for us! (:

oh, did i mention that this time our initiation is not held at any chalets? this time it’s at the Ulu Pandan campus and hostel. it was really quite ulu but really not a bad place afterall. something new somehow because although the rooms are small, we had plenty of them so, no lack of beds for all! but of course, who sleeps during overnight stays right? hahah.

with couz during dinner! (:

the MnP department before announcement of department allocation for the freshies..

with mr barney pinata as a welcoming thingy for our freshies!

and the lovely department with the freshies! (:

the loots from the pinata!

rights, and  i had a lot of fun playing games with the bunch of people but shall not go into details on what we did. heh. i’m sure couz had loads of fun with us too and we both are pretty good at CONvincing people as a pair, hor? *grins* whatever the case, it’s one of the best initiation i had so far! thankyous buddy and shirong for the cab back. (:

the best trash talker.