part of a happy pill.

spent the entire morning with groupies at BPP’s Wang cafe to do some photoshoots for our marcom project. sounds like a big thing yea? but since pictures are kinda hard to find online, we decided to take them ourselves. thanks to the big D200 hero and rene, the heroine who looked like she was going backpacking today, we had quite a lot of fun before we headed back to school to continue with the report.

we ordered the different toasts so that we could take more photos. luckily we were at BPP where it wasn’t that crowded. and i’m glad the staff there are friendly peeps who didn’t chase us away for doing funny stuffs. but still, many of the passerbys were staring at us like we’re some aliens, taking pictures of the food and all. hahah.

oh btw, i forgot to mention in my previous entry that the Wang at Plaza Singapura sucks big time! the service was bad because the staff was pretty rude. what’s worse, the toast sucks. they are lucky we had good experience with the Wang at BPP, if not, i’m quite sure they are so condemned by babe and i.

tadah, the heroine of the day.

one of our baby product, shall post more when we submit the report. (:

then we started playing with her fisheye lens which created tons of funny photos. and yes, laugh all you want at my distorted face but i swear there are funnier ones somewhere in the folder. not of me for sure because i only took two! hahaha. shall see when’s a good day to post them up on FB. heh.

then, a couple of pictures taken on Saturday that i got from babe today. with the giant shopping bag; if only i had it and ALL of my wants are inside this bag. like you know.. doraemon’s pocket? wow, how cool will that be? *dreams*

my favourite toy; been shooting and shooting but haven’t develop any single shots. i just hope, and i pray, that all will turn out good. just a few more to go before i finish up my 2nd roll of film.

shot of the day, check out the three retards at the back!

zz receiving his present part II. i really liked it and i hope he does too. (:

a last self-timer group shot outside Timbre. on a random note, as much as i wanted to, didn’t get to participate in Earth hour! wanted to see how other places turn off the lights and stuff but we were at Timbre the entire hour and nopes, i didn’t think they turned off the light because it was dark like all the way..

anyways, i realised it’s the end of the month again. it reminded me that it’s April fool tmr and yes, it’s going to be one more project down! just two more to go and i wanna get back to work for at least a day before i start mugging for exams. i so cannot wait! (:

last but not least, thank you isabel & cheryl for the flower, and teck for sending me home! i’m a happy girl everytime i see him because it means a free ride home. heh. okay lah, actually even if there wasn’t a ride, it’s still good to have someone who lives near you to go home with. i am NOT so 现实 and i mean it. (:

done blogging.
back to projects!
: D

plenty of smiles.