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PD: Postdated summary

so as not to snap the thread,

been weeks since i last did a proper update, it’s a wonder how i can take my blog being so empty. maybe as you grow older and have more important things to do, this isn’t an option of a choice. well, have loads of postdated photos but so much that it’s gonna overwhelm this entry. hence, i’ve decided to TRY to keep it short by combining photos. trust me, i had a hard time choosing like a few out of the hundreds but well, if there’s a need and there’s time, i’ll definitely up them onto FB.

summarized happenings over the past 2 weeks.



the trip to Botanic Gardens started off with ice cream at island cremery. actually i think our summarised stories of our daytrip are all typed in a short chinese compo (作文) format on FB notes. pictures, too, are all up there. that will be this link, this link, and this link if you’re able to gain access. heh.

some photos & work.

A hort tuesday


and so, the free day from the postponed orientation on Tuesday was spent with g on a phototherapy trip with ben’s DSLR. okay, i think i repeated that detail far too many times.  anyways, only took 300 over photos, filtered away a hundred and i’m already having a hard time uploading them to facebook. i wonder which photo is the cause of it. anyhows, just a couple of photos to blog about.. (:

the hort park walk and more..

Vivitar rolls

my colourful world.

after almost a year of shooting, i’ve finally finished the two rolls of slide films i bought probably last May. so yup, a couple of outdated photos are in it as well. nevertheless, i still had them processed because i have to see the results of my trial usage! so yup, had them done today and well, not too bad. now i know that indoor shots are 100% not possible even if it’s really bright. (:

the photos & more..


part of a happy pill.

spent the entire morning with groupies at BPP’s Wang cafe to do some photoshoots for our marcom project. sounds like a big thing yea? but since pictures are kinda hard to find online, we decided to take them ourselves. thanks to the big D200 hero and rene, the heroine who looked like she was going backpacking today, we had quite a lot of fun before we headed back to school to continue with the report.

happily tired.

Of a filled Sunday

i got over it.

had a long day at work on Saturday; very grateful to gab who saved my day like how fifi did on Friday. heh. shall skip the details though. rights, then had a duper long and draggy discussion with the clique online. had suggestions from barrage to settlers or minds to exploring Singapore to mall-hopping to picnic. was quite settled for that decision at probably 2am in the morning but the plan was then changed back to barrage a couple of hours later which is approximately an hour before meeting time. indecisive eh? but i had a great day! heh. left them in the evening to attend cuthbert’s 21st, followed by the KTV date with the gang before jimmy’s enlistment on Thursday.

yes, i had a LONG day.

HPV + bridge

right, the pictures of the stated title are kinda overdue so, i shall not upload all of them. chosen a few but still, it needs some scrolling. before i start, do meet my toys! (:

i brought both out but only used the 4-lens one. disappointingly, after spending a couple of buckaroos on the film and developing, there was only 24 out of 36 that was visible. and among that pathetic amount, only a few was successful. my aiming was super off and most of them turned out to be shots of the floor. ):

view the selected pictures..

Friday night

met up with my girls last night after a long week of office torture. (hmm, not exactly torture for me though, cos i kinda enjoyed my week, with the last 3 days as a receptionist) *laughs

we went vivo which is a super give-in to miss wushuyi because her workplace is just right beside the mall. which makes her, of cos, the first to reach, and wait the longest. our initially plan was to shop but we didn’t exactly do that. had dinner, some shopping, some ice cream, some photo-taking and then home sweet home already.

other than wu being a little overexposed, i kinda like this picture.. anyways, drove to wu’s house for a stayover after that. finally get in touch with my boy after 20 long days! heh. pictures and details under the cut. (:

click here.

MINT & Haji Lane

did i mention that my boy’s plate came out in the 4D starters two days ago? too bad i don’t gamble, so no luck for a little fortune. who would expect it to come out anyways? lol. and to add on, i kinda miss him. ):

alrights, after some choosing and editing, you can find a couple of photos taken during yesterday’s trip under the cut. shall let the pictures do the talking unless otherwise needed. alternatively, full set of photos (including all the randomly taken toys) can be found here. (:

the journey

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