so as not to snap the thread,

been weeks since i last did a proper update, it’s a wonder how i can take my blog being so empty. maybe as you grow older and have more important things to do, this isn’t an option of a choice. well, have loads of postdated photos but so much that it’s gonna overwhelm this entry. hence, i’ve decided to TRY to keep it short by combining photos. trust me, i had a hard time choosing like a few out of the hundreds but well, if there’s a need and there’s time, i’ll definitely up them onto FB.

on the Friday 2 weeks ago, had a date with KARTSY to marina barrage. i must say the sun was really good although it rained in the morning, dampening our mood a little. took like over 200 photos and they turned out really great. all thanks to brother 范 for lending me his “wife”.

oh oh oh, and i flew a kite, for the first time. guess it was the kite that was good, it was really easy to fly. it flew really far away and it makes me feel very accomplished. *smiles*

went for our scrapbooking class at MWL after that with the girlygroupies. was freezing like mad inside the lab cos we forgot the jacket’s on strong’s car. anyways, the class was really fun, i learnt quite a bit, but i still conclude that scrapbooking is a really expensive hobby so.. nah, i don’t think i’ll ever really get myself into doing it if not for any special reasons. (:

after the class was supper at the famous selegie beancurd stall.

and then heading back to strong’s place for the night. oh this i must say.. i got my hands on the wheels of his brother, the pretty merz c200. *grins* and look how perfectly i parked. it was only one attempt right? okay, i can’t really rmb but in any case, i’m a happy girl. (:

celebrated kerkie’s birthday in advanced. met up earlier in the day to buy his present and sneaked a cake onto the car too before we headed back. not so much of a surprise but i’m sure he liked everything, because it’s from us! happy 25th dude! the mid-life crisis age but you know we love you. (:

rotted our night away nua-ing in his room and playing with lightsticks. initial plan of going out somewhere to chill was called off somehow cos we were all too lazy. didn’t have much to sleep and was playing FB games instead. the entire Saturday was spent nua-ing for a bit before strong sent us girls home to get our stuff and headed to buddy’s place for mahjong. i was basically sleeping all the way to replenish the lost sleep from the night before.

after a super late dinner at home, headed out again on an attempt to complete what we didn’t do the previous night and so off we went to henderson’s wave, also to celebrate kerkie’s birthday for the 2nd time. dai dee-ed for a couple of hours and we played with the sparkles before we left the place.

Sunday was with Ev*lution gang to suntec’s lovinghut for 范 and 日’s farewell lunch as they were going to enlist like really soon. great food, great company, there’s nothing more you can ask for. oh btw, i’m still awaiting photos from the dear boy’s camera! but hmm, looks like they won’t come anytime soon since he’s serving the nation right now..

the following Friday was spent at my 3rd home with the lovely people and awesome food. and i reckon that’s my only working day for this month. been like a really busy girl, i totally lost track of whatever i’m doing. headed to the Ulu Pandan campus after work on an attempt to bring supper down for buddy and strong. the bash was tiring everyone out by then..

that very Sunday was dancing partner’s 21st birthday celebration, i love her pretty cake, and i love the polaroid we took, as well as the note i wrote for her. simply put, i love all the colourful beings put together. (:

g and i were like the balloon girls for the day. first, to JP to buy the big balloon which kept knocking me on the head, then we headed to some residential to collect her 21 pretty balloons. after that, we hijacked her place while she went to do her hair! *laughs* great experience indeed.

the photo with the clique plus babe and the presents we got for her. many loves my dear xumige! the party was great. after that, i hosted 2 rounds of king’s cup among us and her friends but it was really not as high as my normal games. probably cos the crowd’s different but it’s like.. with vodka ribena on a pre-bash week, laughing streak striked early.

celebrated sissy’s birthday in advanced on the Thursday that followed with my cutesybutuglily designed-with-love cake. went for a haircut with sissy at jean yip on her actual day and i pretty much like my hair now although i still think it looks kinda mushroomy.

and on all other days not specially mentioned or told-tales with pictures.. i, very expectedly, spent them on BASH. be it publicity or logistics stuff, they took up like 80% of my time for the past couple of weeks. i wouldn’t say it’s a chore or anything torturing. no doubt it was quite stressful, it’s a once in a life time experience. in fact, i’m glad to be in the team cos as i mentioned to many, it’s going to be my last contribution to council before i graduate anyways.

so yup, be it the late night chionging to design artworks, factory working production, numerous trip to peace centre for printing, recee-ing at the freezing club, travelling all around to source for logistics items, skipping weeks of classes & project meetings to tie up loose ends, almost making my 2nd home like my 1st, collecting receipts & arranging them like i never used to, doing up & redoing up lists of items, having headache on the best way to save money, and every other big or small issues; i am glad i’ve been through all of them. ((:

the finalised publicity booth. on the issue of pre-bash preparations and the whole period where i so wanted to break down and give up, there are so many people i wanna thank. (now i’m talking like i’m the main organiser or some sort but nah, just that many people gave me assistance in stuffs that they don’t have to get their hands on)

  • flora – for the many many many things she did for me and with me, and the koi milk tea and the beancurd and butterfly and the many repeats of the “we are in this shit together” phrase.
  • strong, buddy and kerkie – for the lifts home, brainstorming of ideas, helping me with things i never could have done alone, all the encouragements and every little things.
  • evans, wilson, vivian, kaiwei, akira, binfa and others – for dropping by to help for publicity and logistics stuff whether you are in the team or not, very much appreciated.
  • teddy, matthew and my 3 dept heads ZBC – for making things harder and/or easier for me to complete, both ways were good.
  • helmi -for being my co-IC for logistics and splitting up the many many tasks with me.
  • derek – for giving me an idea and direction on where to head to with reference to the bash in 2008.
  • babe, rene, sab, isabel, cheryl and jinhao – for allowing me to free-ride on the project, whether willingly or not; i am really guilty about it but really, manythanks because it gave me more time to work on bash stuff.
  • gladys and fion – for letting me bitch and release my emotions at really stressful period, emotionally and physically, like that.
  • kelvin and adi – for driving the logistics stuff to and fro, saving the money for cab trips.
  • sissy – for all the encouragement, heart-to-heart talks and advices on the many things i could never have asked for.
  • isabelle, ben and brendan – for doing a couple of duties for the logistics team on bash day itself.
  • everyone else who attended the AGP – for gracing the event!! ((:

i don’t know if i did but i hope i didn’t miss out anyone i ought to thank, whether they gonna see it or not. and of cos no, the list is not in any order of importance. hahahaha. PLENTYOFTHANKYOUS everyone! (:

logistics stuff in school before setting off and the empty club before the event.

the walkie talkie, the crew tag, the time line, and the red pen were like my best friends for the night. the event was quite a success. kudos to the entire team, from publicity to sponsorship to nannies to excos to whoever’s involved. great job, an awesome bash, although notsoideal crowd, a splendid night still! MANYLOVES! (:

oh, project time for now, will blog about the event after more complete photos on the event coverage is up!

i couldn’t hold on tight.