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New beginning


self drawn organiser again. haven’t found myself one that i like so i decided to live with this. not that bad after all, can have an overview of my month’s activity right there on my office table. oh, did i mention i started work a week ago? still under probation now.. so far so good, am trying to learn and absorb as much as i can. feeling a little skeptical but still, hope i can survive for as long as possible. it’s my first job after all. (:

of 1st week of work and 2 awesome weekends!

PD: Babe’s 21st

babe turned 21 on 3rd October and we had a mini celebration for her on the eve of her actual day before her wonderful party as well. oh, did i mention that she’s got an amazingly pretty scrapbooked guestbook for her party! but nah, not VERY surprised because that’s exactly what this dear girl is capable of doing. really really great, she’s an impossible! (:

her pastel fleur and the eve @ chamber.

PD: Postdated summary

so as not to snap the thread,

been weeks since i last did a proper update, it’s a wonder how i can take my blog being so empty. maybe as you grow older and have more important things to do, this isn’t an option of a choice. well, have loads of postdated photos but so much that it’s gonna overwhelm this entry. hence, i’ve decided to TRY to keep it short by combining photos. trust me, i had a hard time choosing like a few out of the hundreds but well, if there’s a need and there’s time, i’ll definitely up them onto FB.

summarized happenings over the past 2 weeks.

Flora’s 21st

like a shadow.

flora is 21 and we had fun at her party and i just gotten my hands on the photos taken at her party and we had a ktv session last night and we ate HER birthday cakes two days in a row and and and i’d like to wish flora a happy 21st birthday again although to date, it’s belated. (:

of red, white and orange..


the darkest secrets.

babe at work! after so long, finally visited her at her workplace and i must say, i can totally uds why she loves working there. it’s like so busy but fun that time really flies pass fast. oh and revealing the mystery place where i had the super nice cupcake from the previous entry, it’s at Made With Love at Plaza Sing! (:

the reason we were there..

Gaining weight

the bet is over,

working on Saturdays are, as usual, fun and so much better than Fridays. too bad, i don’t have much opportunities like that. hahah. lunch was prepared by claudia and chen ling, superb yummy. i think i really REALLY should learn how to cook soon. if not, i’ve no idea how i can survive in future. oh wells. anyways, i had a good weekend spent with my fellow Ev*lutioners. (:

the 22 hours and before..

Wii at jerms

throw away.

had a rather random gathering at jerms’s place, amelia was there too but she couldn’t do a stayover so yup, there was only 5 of us left at the end of the day. anyways, had a great western dinner, thanks to jerms’s mom. we then slacked ard the cosy place and wii-ed the night away.

some pictures, credit to jerms.

Horror night

all of us finished our papers early and we played a little game of taboo while waiting for bernie to come over to fetch us. guess everyone was already starving by then, especially us who skipped lunch to mug for the freaking afternoon paper. haha.

the night and next.

Hectic end

happiest moment of the week.

at 5.02pm; we released our duper rushed MR report into the BBMKG box! *phews* glad we made it in time! we only completed it at like 3.30pm, sent to althea for printing, then met up in school to bind and submit. finally, it’s time for some break before starting on the last project. *grins*

anyways, hopefully my name doesn’t appear in ANOTHER report again this time round! the lecturer keeps assuming my name is indicated repeatedly and finds issues with me on that. it’s not even funny but he makes it sound like a joke in the lecture. -.-”

the past few torturous nights.

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