all of us finished our papers early and we played a little game of taboo while waiting for bernie to come over to fetch us. guess everyone was already starving by then, especially us who skipped lunch to mug for the freaking afternoon paper. haha.

the drinks.

lazed around his house for quite some time before the BBQ started. as mentioned, all the food was of HIGH quality! thanks bernie for the host and everything; i’m sure everyone enjoyed the food.

of cos, i didn’t have as much great food as everyone else had. but i had my fair share of good food as well. totally loved the potato bombs! well, and while everyone was busy eating, i helped to take a couple of photos. ((:

that’s my lovely study group plus felicia, nizam, siying and kerk. had a group photo taken before we headed inside for the next highlight of our night.

caught Prom Night first due to popular demand, followed by The Ring which was expected to scare the hell out of everyone. *laughs* but somehow, probably that was too old a movie, it wasn’t as scary as it was to us 10 years ago. then, to counter the scary scenes, had Zoolander which was a pretty good comedy. a couple of them left after that and we let the machine continue playing Pirates of the Caribbean 3 while the rest of us took turns to bathe.

the official knock off time was about 5 or 6am i guess? i totally love that projector thingy in bernie’s room; fell asleep pretty fast with the great starry view plus a couple of counts of shooting stars as well. haha. woke up a few hours later and had cartoon network to accompany me while waiting for the others to get out of bed.

had lunch at gek poh and lucky us got ourselves this big cab back to school! it was really lucky of us because we were planning to split the 6 of us into 2 cabs so yea, imagine how much we saved! ((:

headed to halo bar after teddy and bernie collected their assignments from the office. it was a great session hearing many new voices. heh. of course, zhao ting was one. she sounded so cute singing mandarin songs, especially duets with bernie. and and and, finally got BABE to hold the mic and even sing a few songs! yes, by now i’m sure many should know how hard it is to get her to sing right? it was a great achievement. LOL!

teddy doing the “studio recording” look.

last but not least, the 6 of us at the KTV session! we took a few sets of shi lian pais, check out FB! anyways, i think the staff entered the wrong bill because it was unbelievably cheap! imagine, we only paid $10 for the room charges for 3 over hours. hahahah.