i will figure..

it’s been a busy week! after bumming around the house for a day, lazy tsehwee has finally decided to get down to blog about the past week. *laughs* updates will be done shortly below this sticky entry in the following sequence, latest on top:

  • Mon – Tues: Horror night + KTV
  • Wed – Fri: Council chalet
  • Fri: DAZ meet up
  • Sat: BookFest @ Suntec

could have done this earlier but i was waiting to get hold of more photos, then there were commitments to my most recent addicts that distracted me..

firstly, there was pet society on facebook. got influenced by babe as i saw her playing first. can’t stop visiting my adorable poindy everyday. it’s a really cute game but i guess i will get sick of it someday, just like (fluff)Friends. haha.

then, having all the time of my life, i figured i can start catching up with some dramas as well. finished Hot Shot a couple of days ago and i started on Single Dad in Love. the little boy is so adorable and it’s really a good show to catch. ((:

it’s not you.