i want to just drown myself..

first thing first, the sticky post for EXAM dates is finally gone! in other words, the wars and tough fights with the modules are over! not gonna think of how i’m going to fare for the papers, we shall all see when 4th December comes. anyways, went ahead with our planned BBQ Horror Night at bernie’s and KTV at halo bar right after the papers. the week shall be continued with council chalet tmr till Friday, followed by date with my DAZ. *grins*

had happy feelings initially about being done with exams but yet, am feeling so empty and directionless now. and then again, still being unable to secure a job makes me feel so uneasy. sometimes there are just choices in life you have to make, give and take, benefits and costs. was frigging pissed with a couple of stuffs earlier on but managed to simmer down a little. been really bad at controlling my emotions these days; seems like i can just flare up anytime over a small matter. *shakes head*

so many things on my to-do list; am so free yet so busy. probably it’s time to cast away some useless thoughts and concentrate on the meaningful issues.

..in sorrows; in a literal way.