25 hours to endure.

big aunt & uncle dropped by earlier in the afternoon. as usual, they brought my adorable little nephew along. haven’t seen him for months but he’s still as talkative as ever. the funny thing was they bought a Finding Nemo CD which they assumed was a DVD of the movie but it turned out to be an interactive games CD. had it installed on our desktop anyways. but well, it was too complicated for him to understand. quite sad actually cos he had totally no clue on what’s going on but had to just move the cursor around, in hope of finding some novel motions apart from the empty seabed scene he has been facing for minutes. haha.

eve of the last war; began preparations early this morning but somehow, i lost my momentum as the day proceeds on.. *yawns* the heavy contents are killing me man. how i hope there’s a memory card for my brain and i can simply store the whole textbook inside.. motivation please!!

see you.