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Fragile life

rest in peace.

and mugging continues, at my same favourite spot. been online a little lesser because i made a very rational decision of not bringing the laptop along since typing of notes is more or less done. not like there’s a tremendous increase in productivity but at least, there isn’t so much to distract myself. the weekend has been a little too much to take but right now, i just hope nothing affects my studies.

and we go…



exactly how i’m feeling right now. oh well. anyways, been pretty fair to my 3 homes recently.. after breakfast, will be mugging or trying to mug @ 2nd home before heading down to 3rd home to work in the evening. been quite routine for these 3 days but i guess i’m going to neglect my 3rd home for now, until exams are over. it’s too time consuming to travel to and fro..

updates updates updates..


procrastinate somemore..

thanks to the TV advertisement for mioTV which reminded me that i can watch the series on the mobTV select, i’ve been spending my whole afternoon catching up on the episodes i missed. just can’t get enough of the baby. hurhur. better still, i brought the GM textbook to my parents bed today on an attempt to read it but i hugged it to sleep instead. then i woke up 2-3 hours later to continue watching 百万大歌星 and here i am, rotting at my com. awesome right? what a Sunday..

over the weekends.

Last mug


the splitter i bought a couple of months ago has been pretty handy recently. it’s a great “device” for sharing purposes. it’s virgin use was on g’s mp3 when she wanted to share the “precious love” song with me. anyways, been back to my 2nd home these days to do up my notes. just two days for now so i guess i can’t really tell if i’ve been productive or not. counting down, exactly 2 weeks to my 1st paper and i’m nowhere near prepared. oh well..

beginning of the last mugging period in SIM.



it’s 5am and i’ve just completed the whole set of about 80 MCQs for BF for the 3rd time. i wonder why some of the questions still look unfamiliar when i’ve been attempting them for so many times. oh well. it’s like 3 more hours before my alarm clock is going to ring but i’m not even sleepy at all. 6 more hours to be where i need to be for the day – studio at South Bridge road, and about 10 more hours to the BF test. hur hur, must be overwhelmed by finance and numbers that i suddenly feel so calculative in this entry. anyways, body clock seems pretty screwed up recently which i’ve no idea why. i wonder what internet, particularly MSN, has done to me. i think i’ve been nocturnalised! *laughs* well, with the energy i’m having now, i suppose i could be a little more productive and do some projects. come, wish me some luck.

don’t see, don’t hear, don’t bother thinking.

Friday without work

the sixth sense.

with a whole big file of photos, this is my favourite photo of the day with the wonderful people –  starky. on an attempt to study BF, took my onlyworkdayoftheweek off to the council room with babe and we had a short lesson on some of the topics by the guys. thankssomuch but hmm, i guess i just kinda shut down alr, don’t really get the whole concept of it. OHWELLS. anyways, it was a long day, or you could call it night…

of convocation and 4 other places..

Rest in pieces


i think they tried to emphasize too much on the 3D effects for this sequel which, to be honest, caused it to be quite disappointing. i find FD1 and FD3 the best if you meant the gory effects and storyline. this one, though, had a little humour here and there but as i mentioned, trying too hard for the 3D. didn’t turn out as good as i was looking forward to and expecting! wouldn’t recommend people to catch the 3D version actually, the normal one will do just fine. (:




tried writing notes for SQ and it almost bored me to death. was thinking of ideas how to make my notes more interesting or useful but i just had no clues. thus, i continued the old boring way. the thing about the last paper is that the motivation level is always at the bottom because it diminishes over time. plus, i just can’t help thinking i still have a lot of time for the paper when it’s merely 4 days away. argh. and i was so deprived of entertainment so to offset it a little, caught a movie at town with bernie, zhaoting and teddy in the evening. the show was great and so was the company. (:

on a side note..

Bad sem

i just want to cry out loud.

spent 9 hours re-typing my notes for ethics and i actually thought i knew most things about these three thinkers pretty well enough for the paper. but sigh, the paper really startled me. the questions were all so TOO specific that you just KNOW, or DON’T KNOW the answers. there was no way you could crap them out. plus, he set the word limits like.. less than 30, 45, 170 words for the answers and you JUST know if you’ll get that 10 marks or not. within 30 minutes, i walked out of the exam hall. sigh, i must say, i’m defeated in all 3 wars so far; just hope the last one will be better. ):

after paper.

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