tried writing notes for SQ and it almost bored me to death. was thinking of ideas how to make my notes more interesting or useful but i just had no clues. thus, i continued the old boring way. the thing about the last paper is that the motivation level is always at the bottom because it diminishes over time. plus, i just can’t help thinking i still have a lot of time for the paper when it’s merely 4 days away. argh. and i was so deprived of entertainment so to offset it a little, caught a movie at town with bernie, zhaoting and teddy in the evening. the show was great and so was the company. (:

was looking at the photos fion uploaded earlier on and it made me wonder for a moment when this was taken. *laughs* cos it seems like i haven’t been hanging out with them much these days. oh and, looking at this photo reminds me that i haven’t seen the photos taken on amelia’s 21st! renetohjiawei must be really busy with exams to upload the photos huh.. and, i’m still waiting for the photos she took during movienation too! tell me, how outdated are those already? LOL

anyways, i think public holiday will just make people more lazy. i reckon i will not have the motivation to touch my books later on when i wake up again for the day. oh wait, i cannot even be sure if i will even wake up in the day. HUR. i think i am such an awesome procrastinator. just wait, and see, how i’ll die on the eve of my paper, on Monday. *laughs*

swine swine swine.