i just want to cry out loud.

spent 9 hours re-typing my notes for ethics and i actually thought i knew most things about these three thinkers pretty well enough for the paper. but sigh, the paper really startled me. the questions were all so TOO specific that you just KNOW, or DON’T KNOW the answers. there was no way you could crap them out. plus, he set the word limits like.. less than 30, 45, 170 words for the answers and you JUST know if you’ll get that 10 marks or not. within 30 minutes, i walked out of the exam hall. sigh, i must say, i’m defeated in all 3 wars so far; just hope the last one will be better. ):

played monopoly with kerk, terry, althea and ZT after the paper to de-stress a little. actually, we just had nothing to do and somehow, someone seems to have gotten into monopoly craze ever since he dl-ed it onto his itouch. *laughs* well, not a bad game though but TERRY! you’re disgusting! hahahah, he owned majority of the properties and he’s got ZT trading all the train stations to him! he won so so so much money, i think if we continued, i’d have gone into bankruptcy. oh btw, we ended the game because there was a BLACKOUT and council room was too dark for us to remain in. hahaha.

was contemplating whether to go Holland V for frolick or Bukit Timah for LAN but yup, from the picture, it’s pretty obvious we chose the former. haha. this is like my virgin cup of frolick yogurt ice cream and i love it! still, i prefer those fruity ones sold by the little kiosks in school during bazaars more..

on a side note, am looking very chui this season because i’ve finally decided to do away with the concealer on my face to cover the ugly pimples, acnes, scars, or whatsoever. so yup! it’s just my naked face and me these days. so, don’t come asking me if i’m having outbreaks or whatever; that is how i JUST look like in reality. hur. still hoping the medicine i’m using can grant me with better complexion soon.

so many viruses are hitting the world. i hate to say this but it seems like they all started with the animals. bird flu, mad cow disease, SARS, swine flu.. i wonder if veggies are going into this crisis in the near future. if not, is it even possible for people to stop consuming meat? nopes, i’m not discriminating against meat-eaters; i’m just wondering.. (:

6 more days.