the love of beans.

great start for my 4 year-old baby. now it’s pretty much cleaned up and working faster. still saving up money for my macbook funds, not anywhere near to affording it so it’s time i treat my current baby with care for now. heh. so yup, haven’t really been active in here because there’s only so much my omnia can do for surfing – mobile twitter, mobile facebook. hahah.

Saturday was spent studying at Ngee Ann’s library with g. i was quite, or rather, VERY amazed by how much the place had changed! hahah, guess we haven’t gone back for far too long. some parts of the place are like so pretty now! “as if we paid lesser school fees last time” – quoted from xumige. hahah. and and and.. they actually have the SONY BRAVIA screens for the media viewing! gosh. i want to enjoy these facilities again! ):

Sunday was, as usual, spent with the kids and YG gang in the morning before i continued my studying + TV routine in the evening. gabriel  and cuthbert had this activity of chopsticks and red/green beans planned for them. i’m glad i didn’t have to participate because i can’t hold the chopsticks properly for nuts!

after separating the beans, they even had to form 3 words from the 三字经 with them. the chosen words were 断机杼 and surprisingly, the best words formed were by the BOYS! amazing eh? i always thought girls do better job at such delicate stuff. *laughs*

last minute squeezing of information into the head in the council room before our paper this morning but i must say i spent most of the time falling asleep on the sofa. i promised babe the night before that i wouldn’t talk to her but i just can’t help disturbing her. so, while trying to fulfill my promise, i sat quietly and stole a shot of her to post to twitpic. heh heh. so much love for you right, babe. LOL!

anyways, the second paper was pretty alright. memorised too much stuff so i had a lot to write. didn’t have enough time to finish writing so left all my answers hanging everywhere. but well, shouldn’t have problem clearing the module though; it’s just a matter of getting good results or not. but hmm, that’s not the issue right now. gotta give myself a night to rest for now. till then.. (:

how about now?