exactly how i’m feeling right now. oh well. anyways, been pretty fair to my 3 homes recently.. after breakfast, will be mugging or trying to mug @ 2nd home before heading down to 3rd home to work in the evening. been quite routine for these 3 days but i guess i’m going to neglect my 3rd home for now, until exams are over. it’s too time consuming to travel to and fro..

that was what happened to my feet while i was rushing the Baby Bonus drama till 3am some nights back. i just can’t sit doing nothing so i kinda peeled off quite a bit of my skin on the sole. so yups, if you happened to see me limping around these few days, THIS is the reason. but they kinda healed alr so i am walking QUITE normally alr. okay, i’m contradicting myself, i know..

at work, boss has been treating me as his guinea pig for his lifewave patches because of some weird shaky thumb i have. you can check out here if you’re interested. there are many functions to it but well, they don’t really appeal to me although i’ve seen live examples and are amazed by them. but he gave me a few energy enhancer patches to help me keep awake for exams & mugging. we shall see if it works when i use them then. (:

packed some breads yesterday for today’s lunch. hoho.

and baked curry potato is finally BACK on the menu! it was off for like.. 2-3 weeks? missing it so much, i had it for dinner today although i promised myself to refrain from all the cheese and baked and stuff.. oh well, couldn’t resist lah!! i’ve been controlling my food and limiting whatever i’m eating for quite a bit alr anyways. i GUESS that little bit wouldn’t kill. right? hahah.

lollipop from flora! it states some magic flavour and flora says there’s something inside. i haven’t had time to eat it yet! maybe i should do it tmr. it’s been sitting in my bag for quite some time. heh.

my after-sport snack. erm, just a bite of it everyday after my 1.9km jog. oh, did i mentioned i’ve been doing that after work these couple of days? yes, together with and after my routine 3-homes-visiting day. hopefully my determination (to slim down) can allow me to continue this routine for the rest of the week and weeks to come. anyways, i fell down ytd. slight scratches on my knee, twisted my ankle but amazingly, it didn’t hurt. so i suppose it wasn’t a sprain since i can still walk perfectly well. and today was special. i had sissy running with me. i think we both need to train up our stamina.

on a side note, my face has been getting rounder. so are my thighs and arms. i never realised it until i weighed myself that fateful day. and right now, i so very regret my crazy eating-7-meals days last week. i’m pretty sure that was the main cause of me gaining weight. oh well. away from that.. full force mugging shall officially commence tmr later. it’s 12.15am now. and i should head to bed. been really exhausted these days. sometimes i wonder why i’m working so hard. don’t seem to help me get any happier.. hmmmmm…

break away.