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so little time, so much to do..

other than work, the usual online shopping and stuff, been pretty much caught up with 3 new addictions recently.

  1. Hot Yoga – on the 3rd lesson with an introductory 10-day pass and i’m actually loving it! still find the 90-minute class torturous but am always looking forward to the next. sweating out is good and i really hope i can master the postures soon..
  2. Fifty Shades Trilogy – near the last few chapters of the 2nd book already and still very intrigued by it, must admit the erotic parts are kinda heavy but i actually like the storyline; can’t wait for the film to be out..
  3. Clash of Clans – decided to try out the game seeing boyf so into it and boy, it’s kinda addictive. i’m not quite a good strategy player but am learning the way and getting the hang of it.. oh, and this is the first time i’m doing an in-app purchase on a free game. see the effect of this game on me? *laughs

by the way, having a long weekend at this period doesn’t seem too good. with major launches coming up next week, i just hope we can complete everything to prepare for delivery when we go back to work on Monday.

78 days.

Sleep can wait

the first.

completed 10km for my first ever marathon! now it makes more sense. still rmb that i signed up for SCM 21km last year but wasn’t brave enough to go alone. lol. am glad that i managed to push myself for it this time. well, technically i was only alone for the hour plus of run; super thankful for ben’s company before and after the race! anyway, i think i almost just gave up totally for a couple of times throughout the race! cannot imagine myself going marathon for a second time. maybe i need to train up so that i can run 10km with a breeze and that will be the time i sign for 21km again! heh. before that, shall invest in a good pair of shoes cos this cui pair just rewarded me with a legful of blisters! RAR!

you’ve no idea..

Sexy back!

way back into time.

been really quite a while since i last blogged. life’s been pretty good though. had a great party with my MnP lovelies last weekend and we *ahem* got our beloved freshie wasted! *laughs* so much for department love right? oh well, anyways.. i guess i do have to admit i’m already out of that department and that i’m a graduate now. school has started for all of them and hmm.. work life still goes on for me. onto my 6th month now! time seems to fly; i’m trying and kinda starting to love my job. (:

this half a month.

PD: the BOOMZ day


the day 4 out of 5 of us BOOMZ again. this time, we allowed the SHINGZ to take photo WITH us, not OF us. hahaha and kudos to mr huang for his super-zhun aiming and i love this photo. (:

the reason we were so red.

PD: Lost in time

be alone.

exams have been over for more than a week now. thought it was quite time for me to find a job since i SHOULD most probably be able to graduate but well, guess i’ll just get busy with my stuff and enjoy a little of holidays first before permanently stepping into society. on a side note, the blog feels pretty abandoned and i shall squeeze some time for some updates.. (:

into half of November..



exactly how i’m feeling right now. oh well. anyways, been pretty fair to my 3 homes recently.. after breakfast, will be mugging or trying to mug @ 2nd home before heading down to 3rd home to work in the evening. been quite routine for these 3 days but i guess i’m going to neglect my 3rd home for now, until exams are over. it’s too time consuming to travel to and fro..

updates updates updates..

The S day


from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon. we went from wet to dry to wet to dry to wet and dry again. *laughs* sounds wrong? okay, put it simpler. we swam, went to sauna, up for lunch, down for squash, dried our sweats, back to swim, and sauna to dry again. hahaha. and it was like, from cold to hot to cold to hot to…. and the list goes on..

working out.

Lazy update III

actually i’m quite done sorting out the D&D photos but i guess i’ll need more than just time to blog about it so yup, shall keep them for a later date! for now, it’s another lazy update again. heh.

  • had a really fantastic night at Concorde hotel on Sunday.
  • yes, it was the SIM-RMIT student council 1st dinner & dance!
  • took plenty of photos on every other people’s camera. heh.
  • the food was not too bad.
  • i ate till i was so bloated my dress almost piak. LOL
  • i had a great laugh because of the two emcees and all the “performances”.
  • kudos to the planning team.
  • the D&D was really AWESOME. *looks at teddy*
  • thankyous brother for fetching me and babe home. (:

  • went to wu’s for a squash session on Monday.
  • we played for about 40 minutes?
  • i got trashed really badly.
  • my hands went all black AGAIN because of the grip.
  • time for a change soon!
  • virgin trip to the gym.
  • i ran for only 20 minutes.
  • L4D @ Parkway with bernie and the rest in the evening.
  • i had vinod, sebastian and cheryl in my team.
  • i think we lost because i was such a noob. ):
  • checked assignment results.
  • got DI for both marcom & ethics! *grins*
  • and alright, it’s about time to sleep now.
  • working tmr and will probably head down to events chalet.
  • working Thursday & Friday and another chalet over the weekends!
  • it looks like a pretty packed week.
needs more rest…..

Sweat it out


Sunday morning was spent at youth group, as usual. had outdoor activities this week but i guess this is the last time we’re having fun without tuition class for the time being. in any case, i had fun being around and making more new¬† friends (the kids). headed for work after that; the laomaobing splitting headache came visiting again and didn’t go away until this morning.. ):

and i squashed today!

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