actually i’m quite done sorting out the D&D photos but i guess i’ll need more than just time to blog about it so yup, shall keep them for a later date! for now, it’s another lazy update again. heh.

  • had a really fantastic night at Concorde hotel on Sunday.
  • yes, it was the SIM-RMIT student council 1st dinner & dance!
  • took plenty of photos on every other people’s camera. heh.
  • the food was not too bad.
  • i ate till i was so bloated my dress almost piak. LOL
  • i had a great laugh because of the two emcees and all the “performances”.
  • kudos to the planning team.
  • the D&D was really AWESOME. *looks at teddy*
  • thankyous brother for fetching me and babe home. (:

  • went to wu’s for a squash session on Monday.
  • we played for about 40 minutes?
  • i got trashed really badly.
  • my hands went all black AGAIN because of the grip.
  • time for a change soon!
  • virgin trip to the gym.
  • i ran for only 20 minutes.
  • L4D @ Parkway with bernie and the rest in the evening.
  • i had vinod, sebastian and cheryl in my team.
  • i think we lost because i was such a noob. ):
  • checked assignment results.
  • got DI for both marcom & ethics! *grins*
  • and alright, it’s about time to sleep now.
  • working tmr and will probably head down to events chalet.
  • working Thursday & Friday and another chalet over the weekends!
  • it looks like a pretty packed week.
needs more rest…..