where dreams come true.

i suppose i shall start blogging about the event before i get busy and totally lose interest in working on a post-dated entry. heh. because i don’t have my own set of pictures and there are like tons of photos on facebook, it really took me quite some time to finish arranging them for blogging purposes.

first and foremost, introducing the two awesome emcees for the night.

the dinner started with our president giving a speech.

followed by a mass dance led by the D&D committee on the stage. the dance is pretty cute when everyone does it together. try going youtube and search “papaya dance”. i think it can be found. or erm, you can go facebook and search for the video of the dance done by the RMIT councilors! LOL

then, we had this bingo thingy which we could win the $1s from everyone! for the table i mean. although it was like a very small amount, it made all of us so excited. we were just one number away from BINGO-ing! ):

abi’s table won away the money!

then the next highlight was the nominees for our Hollywood best actors & actresses award. the “lucky” people from every table had this very “lucky” envelope stuck to their chair and inside it was the award they were nominated for. hahaha.

super cute; they were supposed to re-enact the scenes of their allocated movies with their “partners” and most of then were dancing scenes. i think the good thing was most of them, who got “lucky”, were all the very sporty and spontaneous people.. they really made me laugh..

then we had this idk-what-that’s-called thing. finding the 10 allocated items to dress up one selected representative from each table. we even had to beg the emcees for certain items like stockings and disposable underwear. *laughs* i think the best item in the list was sanitary pad. it’s really funny where this item was placed on the different “contestants”..

looking at them, most were from MnP! i wonder if we should be proud or ashamed for that. LOL. nah, i think i’ll choose the former because it just shows how sporty our department people are! (:

jikson (1st row, left) was my table’s representative but i especially liked vivi’s (1st row, centre) dressing! sanitary pad on the forehead. damn LOL! but i wonder how unlucky he will get for the following weeks, months, or years of his life. *laughs* and oh, he won! (:

the last highlight was the lucky draw but hmm.. seems like nothing comes easy throughout the night huh.. before you can get the prizes for the lucky draw, there are things you have to complete. oh well, i’m just glad i didn’t get lucky or “lucky” at all. i just enjoy the night in the simplest way. heh.

and rights, it’s pictures time!! selected a few here and there. mostly individual shots with people. if not, actually it’s pretty standard. you’d see me on the right, babe on the left, and someone i’m going to name in the middle. LOL

the people from my table! (:

the study buddies!!

KEITHHHHH! thankyous for the pictures!

our ex-ex-ex-MnP head, ANDY YEO KAI ZHI!

gab!! (:


teddy teddy TEDDY!

sister shaun!


evans with matching colours!

flora, my new co-member of the logistic team from MnP!

jerome, my emo pill!

TECK! a.k.a jayden, the big brother who is always there!


the two gorgeous babes, mey and misha!




VIVI! why are your eyes closed? ):

felicia! should have taken her sexy back.. heh.

joey! damn stunning and hot in that dress! hehs.

one of the awesome emcee, edmond! also known as my nightmare. LOL

the official photographer of the night, BEN! awesome photos, really! (:

the biggest love, MnP department!

and not forgetting, my babe, ALTHEA TENG SHU MIN! *grins*

last but not least, thankyou D&D committee team! great job for the council’s very 1st dinner and dance. i suppose there should be more to come. but since it is ANNUAL, i suppose we’d have graduated by then. oh well…