body clock.

the past few days was spent working and at events chalet at NSRCC. i must say i was really really amazed by how much the place has changed! when it was so much older, i already liked the place very much. needless to say, looking so gorgeously new now, i’m loving it even more. it just made me wonder when they renovated it.

the chalet in October 2005.
the chalet in April 2006.
the chalet in February 2008.

i only went there 3 times and if you didn’t go there before when it was still old, take a look at the pictures in my archived entries as above, it really went through a great transformation. now i’m tempted to hold my 21st birthday there. ):

met up with babe after work on Tuesday before cabbing down to the chalet with buddy at tanah merah. it was pretty nice “bouncing” on the train. i got to see Tampines One from the outside! LOL. okay, i’m slow, i haven’t been there…

here, a few shots i took of the place. i really really like the new design, concept, and the furniture now. and the super big mirror. looks super classy loh..

didn’t do much the 1st night. played some little games ourselves before catching a bit of Friday the 13th on HBO which is so much like a comedy. then, played and learnt a little more about mahjong with the study buddies. i think it’s really cool that the 4 of us were like studying together just about a month ago, and we are playing mahjong together now! heh. i think we played till 5 or 6am before i knocked out on the bed.

babe’s chips.. she continued mahjong-ing with the others in the day again and with the odds being 5-cents, she actually won herself $10! should we call that beginners luck? hahaha. to be honest, i’ve never played mahjong with money ever before, in my life. maybe i will in future but nah.. i’m still quite noob at it.

then we had some games organised by matthew and curina throughout the day. actually i think it was quite ironic that many of us there weren’t from the events department. i thought normally such chalets should be a bonding session for the department freshies and oldies but somehow, NONE of the freshies turned up. hur hur. but okay lah, it was quite enjoyable although my team was the ultimate loser in the end.. LOL. i suppose the pictures and even videos should be up on facebook soon?

played a round of taboo after dinner and then 4 rounds of King’s card at midnight when most of the people left. there was limited alcohol so we didn’t really drink much. anyways, initial plan was to head down to work straight from the chalet after checking out but since teck was going home, i decided to leech a ride. it was like 4am plus and i was taking a bet that the door latch on my house door won’t be locked. reached home at about 5am and HOLY! i lost the “bet”. ): so big brother teck was nice enough to accompany me at Macs till 6am. felt so bad for making him wait up with me although he wasn’t obliged to but nonetheless, thankyou very much! (:

so yea, only headed to bed at about 6.30am, so confident that i’ll wake up to my alarm 3 hours later. the next thing i know, boss was calling me from Roma’s and wow! it’s already 12.30pm. *laughs* i totally jumped off the bed, bathed, and rushed down to work. hur hur. so much for trusting my body clock. looks like it does screw me up sometimes. thankfully they didn’t have a busy afternoon because i felt guilty enough for being 1.5 hours late.

boss went out in the afternoon and he bought 3 new CDs! time for me to burn even newer albums for him to test-listen. heh. on a side note, i’m still waiting for my $100 cheque from Class 95. i feel so cheated. ):

the feeling so familiar.