Sunday morning was spent at youth group, as usual. had outdoor activities this week but i guess this is the last time we’re having fun without tuition class for the time being. in any case, i had fun being around and making more new  friends (the kids). headed for work after that; the laomaobing splitting headache came visiting again and didn’t go away until this morning.. ):

couple of photos i took during the activities.

amelia, david and mike came over for dinner in the evening and we headed to bugis street to do some CNY shopping after i knocked off. went home empty-handed because the trip was kinda meant for the guys instead of ourselves.. oh btw, i swear the two guys were damn gay lah. actually, come to think of it, they’re quite compatible! *laughs* okay, i’m kidding…

and YUP, the familiar view of the court should tell you what i did today! heh. i asked to take up wushuyi’s 4 hours break for some exercise! because, i really really really missed squashing! not much of missing sweats but well, it’s unavoidable, and, good at times lah. (:

there, my squash mate! erm okay, also used to be known as my K-mate and currently supposed to be my study buddy. sighs, we should have something more permanent huh? hahah.

the national-day-colours racquets.

look at the radiance on our faces after the sweats! hahaha. actually i’m quite amazed i can turn red like that! well, somehow it’s been too long since my face got that red, even gladys says so. and yup, my whole face was so heated up. we played a total of 8 sets and, i lost 5 of them. *laughs* a lot of tyco points for me but whatever the case, i had fun! we probably should make this healthy activity a fortnightly thing. heh. maybe then, i won’t feel so much strain from haven’t-been-exercising-for-too-long. (:

and this tells me that i needa get my grip changed SOON. i left the racquet rotting for far too long in the store room and the grip started peeling. which also, explained why my hands were so black after the whole session. but i guess, this isn’t that bad because i’ve seen worse…

after bathing;
and WOW, there’s water heater in the toilets now!! *cheers*

reflection at convention.

went to the makan place again for lunch since it was QUITE on the way back to school and and and, we had the 90cents ice longan! heh. well, it tastes as good as canteen 3’s and they even have additional jellies as toppings! but, the difference is… there’s ONE longan lesser. ):

sat with bhavani, jerlene and peijoo at the council interview booth outside the council room to spend time while waiting for wushuyi and xumige to end class. the only thing i remembered is that we kept emphasizing to all the freshies coming for the interview that “MnP IS LOVE!” *laughs* and we quoted this from 1st boss, “We mix fun with work (Bernie C., 2009)“. didn’t do much of promoting but i kinda had fun chit-chatting with everyone there..

went over to fajar after that to have our brows trimmed and i guess the happiest person is xumige cos it was as good as us sending her home. haha. had a long long 20 minute walk with wushuyi to the bus stop and seriously, i can feel the strain from the tedious stretches earlier today. i think i’ll have trouble crossing the overhead bridge tmr. oh no….

and i’m still thinking.