random thoughts of the day:

  • i hate to admit this but i really think i jinx bus waiting! it’s been quite the case for a couple of years alr and further proven these few days. oh maybe fion’s right, i’m more of a train person..
  • splitting our group of 6 into two for ethics project is finally done! it’s really cute but very very fair, hope everyone’s happy with it..
  • skipping down the stairs as fast as i can actually reduces the muscle ache on my thighs than slowly taking the steps one by one.
  • online shopping is really addictive but for the first time, i’m feeling lazy to fill in order forms and log into ibanking to transfer the money. i suddenly feel like going to shop physically..
  • my schedule looks busy for the coming weeks and i can’t decide which event to attend for the overlapping ones..
  • on the irony, i seem to be so free that i appear at the council room almost everyday whether i’m needed or not. *laughs*