the above pretty delicacies are deliciously baked by my dear babe. YES! like after so so so so so long of going to bake for us, she finally brought me some goodies these two days.. thanks babe! but of cos, not only for me, but for whoever was present at my 2nd home, the student lounge, and the council room.

been there for the past 4 days for council interview duty which made it looks like i’m very free. almost everyone’s been commenting that they’re seeing me like EVERYDAY. oh well, in fact, i really am TOO free lah. *laughs* but anyhow, today marks my last day being and rotting around there. it’s pretty tiring actually, trying to brainwash promote our department to the freshies, although i haven’t been doing a good job. hahah.

anyways, headed to AMK hub to watch ip man with gary and nicholas after the duty last night. i heard about the show being really awesome and yes, it’s really good. i didn’t realise the movie is already more than a month old in the theatres but, the fact that it’s still showing, proves that it’s worth the money. thanks gary for sending me to FourAces after that. and then, i suddenly feel stupid because i realised boyf actually has the DVD. and and and, just checked PPS and realised it’s out as well. grrrr, now i’m catching it a second time with my parents. -.-”

and talking about current affairs, i admit that a non-news watcher like me knows nothing at all. i didn’t even know that obama’s presidential inauguration was the night before until teddy told me. but yup, that night, while i was getting ready for bed, i realised that my parents were catching it on the tw channel. so i decided to stay up a little to watch this very grand ceremony as well. then, it suddenly occurred to me that this new president is really very charming! hahah, but as much as i’d love to look at him more, i fell asleep to his duper long speech..

on a side note, i’ve been day dreaming in classes these few days with idk-what’s-on-my-mind. my notes are seriously very empty especially compared to babe’s. but at least, we’re finally done with lectures for the month.. it does seems like we can get ourselves into CNY mood for now before school starts again on 3rd Feb. BUT! sounds like a long rest? think again.. a couple of the project due dates are already out! argh.. tell me about it, how to enjoy?!

takes time, i guess.