drove to tampines yesterday morning to pay our respects to my recently departed grandmother as well as both my grandfathers who have all been “moved” to the same place. there was this really nice bouquet of flowers my uncle’s friend did for him and loads of food prepared by mummy and my aunts, which became our lunch after the prayers. (:

that’s my 人小鬼大 little cousin who’s primary 6 this year. she’s been a smart kid since young and is one little girl who’s really hard to out-talk. oh well, actually most kids nowadays are pretty hard to out-talk. *laughs*

met up with the clique at PS after that to catch the sneak preview of the wedding game. didn’t know the storyline before hand and it turned out better than i was expecting. it was pretty hilarious, enough to make us all laugh. tried to spot and i spotted zhicao’s backview as well as his name under the crew section! i just think this is uber cool. lols.

headed to chinatown after that for our reunion dinner. after 3 years, i suppose this is the first time we’re having reunion dinner! we probably should keep up this tradition. anyways, i feel like i have to apologize for depriving them of steamboat, bbq, and big fish big meat but, be glad you guys “saved some lives” with me in a meal. *laughs*

clique’s 全家福 plus mingwei’s girlf. anyways, these isn’t the only photos we took but all of them are with fion so yup, i shall wait patiently for her to send me! squeezed a little through the busy streets of chinatown to try getting some CNY mood but somehow or rather, this year seems pretty mundane.

anyways, too late for last minute manicure so i decided to buy a set of fake nails.

it was supposed to be quite pretty, transparent on the nails and white at the top (like on the left) BUT, i spoilt it with my itchy hands – went to pluck a few of them out. SO, had to paint another layer of nail polish over to cover and make the imperfection not as obvious. rights, not too bad lah. from afar, they still look pretty good (like on the right). *laughs* in any case, just hope they can last for at least 3 days since i’ll be going to work on the 4th day.

and yes, jian hua passed me this pretty gift which is my very belated birthday present. *smiles* okay, actually it wasn’t supposed to be belated because the gift should have reached me even before my birthday but just that i was out of town when he wanted to pass to me. anyhow, i really love this gift so, thank you my great friend of 8 years! (:

lastly, it’ll be CHINESE NEW YEAR in 15 minutes time! will blog about the two reunion dinners i had when i get the full set of photos. have a great year ahead everyone and HAPPY NIU (牛) YEAR! *mooooo*

祝大家新年快乐, 身体健康, 万事顺顺利利!