so near yet so far.

clique 全家福 taken on the eve of the eve of CNY after dinner. so as mentioned, met with the clique to have our reunion dinner and walkabout at chinatown. the next day was reunion dinner with family, as usual, before the big day 1 and day 2 of public holiday commenced. (:

our ticket machine for the wedding game.

outside PS, while waiting for the shuttle bus to chinatown.

that’s the place we had our dinner. (:

our table number. was 16 during my birthday 2 years ago!

the 8 items we ordered.

lou hei! first time doing with friends, outside home. *grins*

the final bill!

before entering the busy streets.

beng bought $10 worth of goodies.

tall girl spotted in the crowdy crowd!

something i was tempted to buy but didnt.

the ice lollies stall we patronised! we calculated that the owner of that stall earn like probably 300% to 1000% of profit from this $1 per lollie thingy. it’s like so simple to make lah, we should open a stall like that next CNY. hahaha. it’s a pretty good business idea..

posing with our finished lollie sticks.

and again.

wu’s stable hands in the crowdiest street of chinatown. (:

played with this weighing machine thingy in the ulu mall.

both of the guys who weighed were at like the OK. hahaha. then we were just teasing yong beng that he was once in the VERY.. category. i mean, i’m really amazed at how much he slimmed down! good job, boy! keep it up! *grins*

and one last shot we stole from the closed shop’s mirror before we left. (:

preparing for our family’s reunion dinner the next evening.

the 鸳鸯 steamboat that sis bought. so yup, we had two different kinds of soups! *yum yum* oh this picture.. spot mr kor’s tummy? hahaha.

slacking while mummy prepared the stuffs. hahah.

tadah! our sumptuous dinner. always my favourite dinner of the year.

a family photo before we got started.

headed over to couz’s house in the middle of the night for steamboat again! *laughs* feeling damn sinful but couz’s place always have loads and heaps of ingredients that we couldn’t resist. hahah. so, drove over at like 1am and we ate till about 3am. hahah. back home and i kept myself awake till 5am watching drama before i retired for the night morning.

the usual routine of everyone coming to my place to bai nian on day 1 morning and going over to others on day 2 afternoon continues…. routines are always boring and i would say this CNY isn’t as good as what i was expecting. but oh, it’s day 3 already and i hope, things will get better! gotta go prepare for my date already, will be back with more updates of CNY 2009! (:

not so sure.