clocked a total of 11 hours at work today! it’s like so energy-draining to work consecutive days like that, especially when one of the days is a SATURDAY when all the crowds gather. but today ain’t that bad because we got “compensated” with an awesome dessert that boss prepared for all of us! it’s so rich in ingredients that i don’t even know how to start listing them. i can only say the white shiny thingy you see, is an egg. and that, settled our lunch for the day. (:

one more long day before i take a day’s break. oh well, i didn’t want a break at all actually but, boss said monday’s schedule is packed alr. so, guess i can’t have my 4th consecutive day of work anyways. maybe i should start researching for my projects.. argh, shouldn’t have reminded myself of such unhappy stuff……

i cried in my dream.