tsehwee was a good girl today. or rather, just TRYING HARD to be one. borrowed the ethics book to the student lounge to try reading up on stuffs i didn’t understand in the lecture but hmm, i STILL don’t understand a thing. i’m so going to flunk this module like seriously lah.. oh btw, lecture announcement was fine, at least i didn’t screw up the very short 2-3 sentences i spoke. and thanks to whoever replied a “hi” when i said “hi everyone!”. *laughs*

that’s bernie, working hard too on his CV. (:

spent a short couple of hours with study buddies at the usual table. i seriously miss the time we just sit down there studying chatting non-stop about everything under the sun! or maybe it’s been like 2 weeks since i last saw gladys and fion and i really appreciate the few hours spent TALKING to them today. great, really. yes gladys, i now rmb your pfff and i won’t forget it for the time being. (:

and yup, the form should tell you what i did next! hahah. headed to the grand hall for blood donation with teddy and kerk. i’m glad i’m all healthy and eligible to be a donor again! (:

the purpose of this picture was….. teddy was damn hilarious when he was filling up the form. he was SO honest that some of the questions that people will normally put a NO, he put a YES, and vice versa. i guess that’s probably why he took so long over at the station with the doctor.. haha.

and yup, both virgin donors! (:

i was so jealous that they had this cute sticker AND an even cuter CERTIFICATE to certify their first time donating blood! like wth lah! i didn’t even have one last time.. *pouts* they also had this pretty organiser which i also didn’t manage to get. this is so UNFAIR. ):

and the last picture i took before my right hand got weak. what’s that face for man, teddy? anyways, i think i really got STM lah. was washing up just now and was wondering why my 3rd finger was hurting so much. so i started pressing it to locate where the pain came from. i squeezed it so hard that blood came gushing out from a little hole. that was when i suddenly realised that, OH! it’s the tiny punch from the blood test! how smart.. now there’s a bruise. ):

alrights, then the rest of the evening was spent KTV-ing at halo bar with a couple of the councilors. apart from my busy schedule, made out time for this to de-stress a little and yup! it’s done! (:

ya kerk, very acting cute. hahaha.

teck joined us for a LITTLE while! and yes, i swear i was so HAPPY when i saw him; and so duper SAD when he left early. hahaha. nah, don’t get me wrong ok? i was just thinking of leeching a free ride home. hehe. well, i had a cheap cab right home anyways, thanks to ryan kor. (:

last but not least, thanks zulia, my new friend, for all the photos! well well well, right now, i predict a very busy week ahead because tsehwee is so broke she’s trying to schedule all her free days to work! just hope lecture break will be early tmr so i don’t have to “escape” from the class like so obviously…

get a life!